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    Why American idol Winners don’t chart anymore?

    You have more chance to succeed in Music with Tiktok
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    Conjuring Kesha

    She is going to all those haunted places without any kind of protection.
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    Orphan 2: First Kill, Body doubles made Isabelle Fuhrman a child again

    This movie better be a hit so we can have a trilogy!
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    Yes, We ARE Getting The Genesis Mini 2

    Here I was hoping for a New Console from this company.
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    Netflix To Make Board Games Out Of Their Shows

    Hope these Boards means the shows wont get canceled and have a proper series finale.
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    Harley Quinn Season 3: Harley and Ivy, from Best friends to lovers

    This show instantly enters my top 10 due to the fact that James Gunn appeared on it in his self!For this, I'm so ready. This teaser has heightened my excitement and has rescued my bad day. I'm very happy Bane will return for season 3. He was fantastic in the first and second seasons. I thought...
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    One Billion Page Views

    One Billion Page Views This guy is trying to get a billion page views on his site for a thousand UKpound bet! worth a click... im not sure if he can do it though, there are only 6 billion people on the planet!I found him on Yahoo Business News...