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    DC Comics Solicitations October 2021

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    The Reign of Emrys | Episode 13 | The Maiden's Lament | D&D Actual Play Homebrew

    The party wakes aboard an infamous pirate ship and tries to make a daring escape. Things don't go as expected. Unless you were expecting poorly. Welcome to the new campaign! The Reign of Emrys takes follows the adventures of a diverse band of heroes as they find their destinies intertwine with...
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    D&D Live 2021 Day Two, Presented by G4

    D&D Live is a two-day livestream event bringing the brightest stars in Hollywood and digital culture together for non-stop adventuring! We'll have your favorite special guests from the D&D community, super-secret announcements, star-studded celebrity actual play tables and we're going to feed a...
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    I've Still Got Hope for Playable Zelda in Breath of the Wild 2

    Check out World of Demons RIGHT HERE! Website: Apple Arcade: Instagram: Twitter: Many have lost hope that Zelda will be playable in the sequel to Breath of...
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    Top 5 Theories about the BotW 2 Teaser Trailer

    Videos I had watched prior to writing this video (SOME CHANNELS ARE NOT PG!) (NOT PG) HMK: Zeltik: GameOverJesse: Masked Nintendo Bandit...
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    DC Comics Solicitations July 2021

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    G4 Presents D&D Live 2021

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    The Flashback Interview: Stephanie Blake

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    Encanto, A Disney feature that showcases Colombian culture

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    The Addams Family 2 follows the 2019 hit

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    Mere Hours Remain In The Heroes of Barcadia Kickstarter

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    Funimation App Now Available Directly On VIZIO

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