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    Thor: Love And Thunder Hits Blu-Ray And DVD Today

    This film is hilarious but it hits all the right emotional beats, which is why I appreciate Taika as a director. It's clear that he knows what he's doing.
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    My Policeman, Harry Style’s acting career is getting more direction

    Someone is going to die right?
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    Dead Island 2 comes back from the grave 8 years later!

    I can't wait to play this game once it's made available to the stores and the fact that the gameplay video and the CGI trailer for its re-announcement are released on the same day makes it even better. After over ten years of torturous anticipating it, the sequel has finally been released. We...
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    Here’s A Game About A Gritty Steampunk Pinocchio

    On paper, this concept doesn't seem like it should work!. Yet it is working!The setting is described as being in the Bloodborne style (Victorian London meets HP Lovecraft, but with Pinocchio as the playable character and creatures/characters from the book). Please hit it out of the park. I...
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    Resident Evil: Project W finally revealed by Dead by Daylight!

    Wesker better be Flashlight immune because he wears shades.
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    Frozen Flame Launches Free Demo For Steam Survival Fest

    I'm getting invested in the game now. Some Games have a particular feel to Part. Let's wait and see what happens. Seeing people play this on YouTube is interesting because I've never heard of it. is a 2020 video game that was crowdfunded. The adversaries were considerably tougher and other...
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    Tactics Ogre Reborn For Modern Platforms This Fall

    I really enjoy it. I wasted a lot of time, but I got every item and every armor set. It's great to hear that jobs no longer have levels. That was a pain. I missed a lot of things from the previous games, like the equip system, which let me put on two swords and have two attacks and two...
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    Netflix lost 25% of their subscribers, What caused this exodus

    I am in HBO Max now because it has a larger library and I don't have the cancel anxiety Netflix gave me. All of my HBO Max shows got renewals.
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    Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

    I am just waiting for this movie to be available in my country! I had been so excited since they announce All three Peters will be together!
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    The Bubble (2022)

    Wish they have gone Meta and had characters play themselves instead of another character. That would have made it funnier.
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    Russian Doll Season 2, Now with Time Travel!

    I will be bunging and getting fat on my sofa today because I will watch the whole Season in 1 sitting!
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    The Bad Guys, Its like Suicide Squad and Money Heist but with Anthropomorphic animals

    Their Book counterparts looks cuter and more original. Now they look like they came out from Zootopia and Beastars.
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    STONE OCEAN part 2 is Coming!

    I have a feeling that we will get Part 3 of Stone Ocean next year. Then by 2024 they will start developing a Steel Ball Run Adaptation. You might get your Jojo Fridays back with Steel Ball Run.
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    Tekken: Bloodline: An Anime Prequel of Tekken 3?

    This Anime looks Epic! Shut up and take my money! Then I realize this is Netflix, and It is hard to trust Netflix.
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    CYCLOPS CHRONICLES: The Story of Scott Summers Fan-Series Interview

    I don't remember Scott having a Military Haircut but it is something Marvel should try to adapt.I never liked the Bryan Singer X-men films because he took too many liberties and ruined the origins of characters. This fan film has more respect for the comics written by Stan Lee.