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    Marvel Studios Is Going Through Some Phases

    Bad News! We are now going to have an X-men movie until the year 2025.
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    The Deer King Announced For US Theaters

    Reminds me of Princess Mononoke.
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    Black Adam: Shazam’s Nemisis is a Good guy here

    I am speechless because it looks epic. I am out of words! I cant wait to see Black Adam and Shazam to Duke it out but I will watch this movie first.
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    Street Fighter Timeline explained

    Sakura and Karin will be on their 30s in Street Fighter 6 and they debuted as Teenagers. Most Street Fighter III characters are teens, so they will be on their 20s in Street Fighter 6. Lilly and Li-fen could be the new teen representation.
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    Because You Apparently Demanded It: Morbius Returns To Theaters

    As one of the People who posted Morbious memes, I felt like I created a monster. I was ridiculing the movie, I never expected the memes will make a cult following.
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    Roots of Dread- The Next Dead By Daylight killer is a deformed monster

    Dead by Daylight, The game that always got my wallet dead.
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    Hooked on You: A Dating Sim starring Dead by Daylight killers

    As a result, the Dev Team finally recognized the fanbase's demand. I hope they bring in more romantic characters. Imagine all the thirst if they added The Artists, The Trickster and Legion.
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    Minx, The Unlikely friendship between a Feminist and a Porn editor

    It got renewed for a 3rd season! Now I want to see what Joyce can do to her magazine without Doug.
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    Thor: Love And Thunder Releases First Teaser

    Why do Marvel movies suddenly appear to be so cheap?!? I feel like the CGI is so bad that it looks more like a behind-the-scenes video than a movie. Honestly, I'm so sick of seeing how Stan Lee's life's work has been disrespected and changed for political correctness. I'm never going to watch...
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    New Stranger Things 4 Trailer Promises The Strangest Things Yet

    I believe I just saw Robert England, You know Freddie Krueger himself! They cast the Robert England! The Legendary Robert England!
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    Moon Knight

    If the first two episodes indicate the rest of the series, it will undoubtedly be Disney +'s most robust performance to date. Let's face it, and he's the best hero in the world has seen this year!
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    Next Tomb Raider Just Now Going Into Production

    Am I the only one who misses when Lara was still sexy? Can we at least have shorts-wearing Lara with Double Pistols as DLC?
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    Attack On Titan Final Season Goes Into Overtime

    Alexa Play All Good Things come to end by Nelly Furtado!😭
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    Kid you will become old too!

    My niece was shocked YouTube Still exists, which made me feel old.
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    Next Sunday’s Attack On Titan May Not Be The End

    Back in early 2000s I felt like I outgrew anime and I stopped watching but in 2012 Attack on Titan shook my world. It is bitter sweet knowing it is about to end. I had love/hate relationship with this series but I loved watching it in Adult Swim.