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    Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Hits Digital & Disc Soon

    Great movie! The Saudis don't know what they are missing when they banned this movie because of a 12 second clip Disney refuses to censor.
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    Don’t Worry Darling – A 1950s housewife stuck in a stepford wives nightmare

    🤣 Florence needed to be careful on her next onscreen boyfriends. Her men keep dragging her back into cults, first in Midsommar and now in this film. Harry Styles is undoubtedly one of the film's antagonists. Since Dunkirk, he's come a long way in acting. Olivia Wilde is not an exceptionally...
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    Drag Race All Stars 7 is an All Winner edition!

    Shea's out-of-body experience when she first met Naomi Campbell is akin to Jesus going through a Christian community. It makes me so pleased to see Jinkx so enthusiastic to show off what she's got! It's been a long time coming. She is my favorite winner because she was bullied throughout the...
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    Netflix lost 25% of their subscribers, What caused this exodus

    Some of the shows they canceled flopped because they never gave it a chance to grow.
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    Senior Year, A 17-year-old cheer Captain got a 20 year comatose from a Pyramid accident and woke up as a 37-year-old

    :oops: She plays the role of an American Cheer Leader with American parents but she have Australian accent.🤣 Hollywood have lots of Australian actors and they fake American accent when they play American roles.
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    Will Smith won an Oscar but its not the Reason why people are talking about him

    No Need for investigation. Chris Rock has been targeting Jade with his roast every opportunity he had. Will should have confronted him in the backstage instead though.
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    The Creator Of Coffee Talk Is…..Dead!

    Damn, He is very young, he could have made more games for his fans. Life is really unpredictable so I will live my life to the fullest. At least Coffee talk immortalize a vision of him.
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    One Piece Odyssey Announced For Consoles And PC

    I religiously watch this Anime since childhood but I will not re-watch previous seasons because its hard to binge thousands of episodes. :p Glad that this game will be an original story because I ain't coming back from the start.
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    The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – The Most Nicolas Cage movie ever!

    Because of how mind-blowing it is, it gives me a pleasant fuzzy feeling.So we have a film featuring Nicolas Cage, who is famous for playing any role to pay off debts, as versions of Nicolas Cage, so that the character Nicolas Cage, played by Nicolas Cage, can pay off contractual obligations.This...
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    Candy, True Crime story of a Housewife turned Axe Murderer

    I love True Crime. I will definitely watch this one. I also enjoyed The Thing about Pam and Inventing Anna.
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    Deep Water, Former lovers Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas portrays an Unhappy couple!

    This is why I am not an actress. I don't think I can fathom to kiss my Ex for professionalism sake.
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    Parents Television and Media Council are Mad because Disney Plus is adding Marvel Netflix shows

    Some parents are utterly incomprehensible to me. What age group of kids is they referring to? Toddlers? What kind of toddlers are into watching daredevil? That show will bore them to death. This issue has absolutely nothing to do with the content. Many of these organizations rely on controversy...