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    Crunchyroll’s Fall 2022 Schedule

    Finally I have other shows to watch aside from SpyXfamily.
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    Orphan 3 is probably in the works after becoming the most watched movie in Paramount+ for 3 weeks

    I am so flattered that they listen to my suggestion to make a 3rd movie. Now Esther is a horror movie icon because she finally have a trilogy. I read the Twitter event and I found out that Esther's fake teeth was inspired from child pageants like Toddler's and Tiaras where little girls wears...
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    The Imperfects, 2nd trailer: A Chupacabra, a Banshee and a Succubus meet in a park

    I just watched this and I hope it will get renewed. Godoy is a good actor and I know I will enjoy him as Luffy base from his performance here alone.
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    Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey! Pooh Bear becomes evil

    Nobody asked for this!
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    SAMARITAN Review: The Slight difference Between Good and Evil

    The concept reminds me a bit of Rocky IV and Creed. An aging legend becoming a mentor to a younger person. It also have elements from Logan too. I am quiet intrigued.
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    Andrew Garfield deserves a 3rd Spiderman film #MakeTASM3

    I watched those fake trailers of Amazing Spiderman 3 to manifest so it will happen. I believe the Universe will give me what I want if I think about it a lot.
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    Saban Moon is finally found! that rejected American Remake of Sailor moon is not a lost media anymore!

    It never occurred to me that there was a complete episode. A decade ago, I saw a video of what looks like a pitch meeting, complete with clips and a guy who never stops laughing. After scrapping the material, it should have been burned. This deserves the rejection! Burn it with fire!
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    Orphan:First Kill Review: Despite the flaws, I want more!

    If they are going to make a 3rd movie, they should do it ASAP, do not wait for Isabelle to turn 40. They should have done this prequel when she was younger.
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    Me time, A stay at home dad gets a week of freedom

    Is this like a Dad version of "Bad Moms"
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    Deadpool Finally Arrives On Disney+

    I want him to meet She-hulk
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    Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Starring Chris Pine looks Fine

    LOL so their leader has the least fighting ability. He just know how to play a lute. He is so confident he can lead a group of warriors stronger than him.
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    Netflix Resident Evil screams Paul Anderson and Milla Jovovich movies

    Its an Arcane rip off with Zombies. Also Jade Wesker is into Zootopia porn. What is Netflix trying with this one?
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    The Immaculate Room: Stay inside for a 5 million dollar reward!

    This is suppose to be scary?
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    Pokemon Puzzle League Is The Next NSO N64 Game

    I had a great time playing this game with pals back in the day; it's lot more enjoyable than the trailer suggests. This was awesome. when the N64 Online was introduced, that was one of the first things I hoped for! I'm really excited!
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    Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods teaser

    amazing! I cant wait to watch this in HBO Max!