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    Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Coming To Crunchyroll Tomorrow

    I was the only person in the theater when this movie premiered in my town (maybe because it was at 4:00 on a Wednesday), but I truly adored it and am overjoyed to have the chance to watch it again.
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    Public Domain Nightmare or dream come true? In 12 years Batman and Superman will be Public domain

    I think this is the Reason why Batman Beyond and Jon Kent are created. DC tried making replacements who will takeover the mantle. Terry fails and Jon is still a work progress.
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    Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 Will Be Online-Only, But Not For The Reason You Think

    How did an anti-masker like Desantis got into power? Its a good call to make this online.
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    Goodnight Mommy, A mother of twins got plastic surgery but her sons think she might be an impostor

    I watched the original, and this needs a different ending to be worthwhile. What would be the point? Additionally, it looks like the mom talks a lot in this one. I'll still check it out.
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    Resident Evil: Project W finally revealed by Dead by Daylight!

    Wesker's S.t.a.r.s uniform is now a dlc skin and Hunk is a Legendary skin for Legion!
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    How true are the Hero Wars ads?

    Do people even keep playing after finding out the trailer are scams? I will uninstall a game if I found out it is nothing like the commercials.
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    Crunchyroll’s Anime Awards Heads To Japan For 2023

    The 2022 Awards results are very terrible. Thank goodness they don't matter. If you truly appreciate anime, watch it and buy its stuff. I'm hoping that this Awards event makes up for the horrible 2022 Awards in 2023.
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    CHAINSAW MAN Anime Tears Onto Your Screen This October

    My gosh. Despite the fact that it looks kind of janky, I do appreciate the animation, but for the love of God, stop making Makima, the most powerful and dominating lady in the world, with the worst voice acting. She truly sounds to me like any other anime girl, which was something I was hoping...
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    Reginald the Vampire, in a world of sexy fit Vampires, there is this guy

    Ned now have all the time in the world for Morbin. Its Morbin time. 😁
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    The Immaculate Room: Stay inside for a 5 million dollar reward!

    If this was planned before the lockdowns that caused so many suicides, I wonder. There is a torture room in real life, and the only information I have about it is that it is all white and that everything they offer to eat and drink is white, such as oat milk and Angel food . However, it is real...
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    IDW Announces Tails 30th Anniversary Special

    IDW made so many good Nostgalgia based comics. I loved their run with teenage Mutant Ninja turtles and Jem.
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    Because You Apparently Demanded It: Morbius Returns To Theaters

    My gut feeling tells me this movie will become a cult classic. It won't be a box office success but it will be more memorable than a lot of box office films.
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    Ken Masters and Eliza Divorce, The break up that shook up the video game world

    Terry Bogard better be a Guest character, So He can ask Ken if he is okay.🤣🤣🤣
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    Vought international from “The Boys” have a verified Youtube channel and its disturbing

    Thanks for sharing this channel because I didn't know it exist and it gives me an extension to "The Boys" Universe. Clever marketing from Amazon!
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    Four More Chapters Of Hunter x Hunter Are Finally On The Way

    Yes, this is terrific news!! :cool:🤩 The succession arc is probably one of my favorites...I'm looking forward to seeing what Togashi has in store for us. I wouldn't mind if all he offers us is crumbs! I'm just glad he hasn't forgotten about this series.