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    Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Coming To Crunchyroll Tomorrow

    I sincerely hope that this is available in the Crunchy Roll in my country. The English dub of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and the English-language Chainsaw Man trailers are both on my mind right now as I sit here. Throughout this entire process, Jujutsu Kaisen 0 has had a gorgeous visual aesthetic!
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    The Radiance Adventure Engine Converts Any Tabletop RPG Into Single-Player

    I can understand how videogames work as a single player but a table top being single player is a concept that I felt like is going to work. So this project is up to something as they are trying to make the impossible happen.
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    One Piece Red Given November 4 Release Date

    Shanks' daughter looks cute. Sad that she is not canon.
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    Join The Inkulinati This Winter

    I remember seeing this game for the first time many years ago, and at the time, I honestly believed that it was already on the market. So, it looks like we have some more waiting to do.
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    Wild Arms / Shadow Hearts Revival Project Launches Kickstarter

    I will back the project on Kickstarter in the hopes that it is as enjoyable to play as it promises to be, and I will also contribute some money to the development of the game. Because it appears to have such potential, I have high hopes that it will be successful.
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    Stray, In this game you are a cat

    I am a dog person and I don't like cats but I'm really interested in playing in this game. I'm eager to observe my cat and see what she does. The fact that he leapt onto a table where two robots were playing cards and then proceeded to ruin everything was also entertaining.
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    Songs You didn’t know are based from Real crimes

    @Perry_Lucas The Cranberries also have a song titled "I shot John Lennon" the title is self explanatory.
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    Wicked Ones TTRPG Review

    I always wanted to start my own Indiegogo campaign because I have concepts that I want to happen but I am afraid to fail and not deliver. I also fear of getting funded but not deliver what I promise to the people who supported.
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    My Hero Academia Season 6 Coming This October

    In essence, they haven't showed even 1% of the fantastic storyline that is coming, but anticipation is high. The beautiful part about the teaser they released is that it doesn't contain any spoilers. I won't have my eyes open as I watch Season 6 because I've never read the manga.
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    Blonde: Ana De Armas got uncanny resemblance to Norma Jeane

    Even in the trailer, you can see the actress' grace, charisma, and sorrow. "Watched by all, seen by none" wow if there was ever a tagline in a movie trailer that captured how many Hollywood stars feel, this is it. It looks EPIC, and Ana de Armas was a brilliant pick. Excited to watch it. Ana is...
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    Shazam Faces The Fury Of The Gods In New Trailer

    It will never work to try to make this movie universe work with Amber Heard and Ezra Miller still not getting recast. Stop trying to make Flash and Mera work, WarnerBros/DC! Either change them or get rid of them all. Until they figure this out, these movies will lose money like blood.
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    SECRET HEADQUARTERS coming to Paramount+

    This film resembles a cross between Sky High and Spy Kids in certain ways. It doesn't have to be fantastic, I get that, but it will still be a lot of fun. Secret Headquarters looks amazing, and I'm so excited to see Walker Scobell do his thing again after what he did in the Adam Project.
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    The Deer King Now Playing In The US

    Holy crap! This movie looks amazingly awesome. Just from this teaser, the magnificent visuals and characters brought me to tears. I almost don't feel prepared to watch this because I know I'll cry a lot, but I must. It's going to be gorgeous. I just know it.
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    Pokemon Puzzle League Is The Next NSO N64 Game

    I didn't know there is a Pokémon Match 3 game and it is older than the Match-3s invading the google playstore.
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    The Woman King -The true to life story of the Dahomey Amazons

    I usually see Viola Davis playing Mom roles. So it is amazing she can pull of this warrior role.