Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV - Gameplay Trailer

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Feb 25, 2020 at 4:28 PM
Posted by EileenCruz
Romance of The Three Kingdoms XIV (RTK14) is set to launch across the West on February 28, 2020 PS4 & PC Steam.

PC Steam demo:

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The entire map of China becomes a grand battlefield in RTK14, with no boundaries to where fights can take place. Warfare includes everything from siege – such as battering rams and catapults, to battles on water with a variety of different assault boats. Players will even find famous landmarks from the period of The Three Kingdoms; including the Yangtze River and Yellow River, with the chance to claim them as part of their domain.

In RTK14, claiming land is vital to overthrowing enemy forces and uniting The Three Kingdoms. Once an area is controlled by ally forces an officer can be appointed the role of ‘Area Overseer’, tasked with advancing the land’s development to increase its income; in commerce, agriculture, etc. During each turn this overseer will supervise the area they have been assigned and increase the territory of their forces – this simplifies territorial expansion and can be used tactically to cut off local supply lines. Carefully choosing an officer with appropriate abilities and characteristics can ensure the developments they make will lead to a strong and prosperous domain. For example: Those with a high charm statistic or the fame characteristic, and who are proficient in domestics, can become a force to reckoned with.
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