Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Take It All In - Nintendo Switch

The visuals on Kirby and the Forgotten Land look stunning and imaginative.
  • Ixthion Andros

I'm super excited for Gorimondo. We haven't even seen the other bosses yet, and yet I already know he is my favorite.
  • Xsquad Maximus

I haven't played a Kirby game in a pretty long time, but I think I will definitely get this game, even if not on release date
  • Tim Hathaway

This will be my first Kirby game since kirby and the amazing mirror, I'm so happy to live my childhood one more time
  • Adam sanderson

I haven't been this stoked for a Kirby game since Kirby and the Amazing Mirror! I don't see disappointment anytime soon with this one!
  • DanDanielson

I can't waaaaaait to play this game! My first ever Kirby game and it looks really fantastic too! Gives me major Odyssey vibes which I absolutely love!
  • XmexSandar54243

Me and my friend are really excited to play this co-op! Kirby games are one of the best co-op experiences. This looks like it'll be the best
  • Zanthos2515

This will probably be my first Kirby game I'll actually buy, I'm hyped
just tested the demo and this game is more than awesome, I'll definitely get it whenever I can
  • GilGill314

I'm soo hyped for this game
The next month of waiting is gonna feel so long lol
  • BruceBruce34

The best part is that we probably haven?t even seen all of the mouthful mode abilities so there are probably good ones hiding
  • Antrax31k

Hal always delivers. Even the "worst" Kirby game is a meh at worst, and still playable. Hal has had an insanely long consistent track record with Kirby and I have no doubt they waited this long for a 3D game was to make sure they got it right
  • AngelRex563

HAL Laboratory*
Nintendo aren't involved in Kirby's development much like how they're not involved in Pokemon's development

But I agree on how this looks like the most ambitious game in the series to date!
  • AmySans452

This may end up being the best Kirby game of all time; Hal Laboratory has definitely outdone self this time.

Who else is buying day one?


Feb 26, 2022 at 4:46 PM
Posted by EileenCruz
Pre-order now!

Join Kirby on his latest adventure. Get new copy abilities and take on enemies – even battle with two players! Use the jaw-dropping mouthful mode and dominate like never before. ESRB Rating: EVERYONE 10 AND UP.

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