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Dec 30, 2019 at 3:58 PM
Posted by EileenCruz
Just own up to the spandex, Batman. Watch the Dark Knight live a life of denial in DC Universe's original series, HARLEY QUINN. New to DC Universe? Start your free trial today: https://yourdcu.com/Harley106

Episode 106 - “You’re a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon”
Air Date: January 3, 2020
During a heist gone wrong (thanks to Harley’s impetuousness), Clayface loses an arm – with turns out to be evidence to enterprising GCPD Commissioner Jim Gordon (CHRISTOPHER MELONI), but also a key witness against Harley and her crew. Will the sentient arm turn State’s witness before Harley and company can rescue him from Gordon?!

MA - Not intended for children.

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