Curve Digital and Molasses Flood officially announced this week that The Flame in the Flood will be getting a PlayStation 4 port later this month. The Flame int he Flood: Complete Edition will see a PlayStation 4 debut on January 17. This new version of the game features Directors’ Commentary, giving players new insight into the game’s design and development, a new dynamic theme, two new system avatars, and a number of other gameplay and design tweaks for an optimal experience. You can also check out a new gameplay trailer for the PlayStation 4 release below.

The game is set in a post-societal America, and players have to go through a landscape that’s procedurally generated. There, they will forage for supplies, craft survival tools and evade predators in a very hostile environment. Players will have to be careful because every step could bring them closer to death, or potential rewards with fresh discoveries.

The game was previously released on Windows PC and Xbox One in 2016, but now it will be on PlayStation 4 as well. Speaking ont he PS4 port, Molasses Flood lead designer Forrest Dowling stated: “Curve Digital has been monumental in bringing The Flame in the Flood to PlayStation 4 and we believe the Complete Edition is a game every PlayStation fan will want. Not only will players get to experience the award-winning gameplay, art and story of the original, but the additional content and gameplay tweaks very much make this the definitive version.”

Here’s the official PlayStation4 trailer for The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition.