Big Robot, an indie game studio from England, has revealed their upcoming survival horror game The Light Keeps Us Safe with a new trailer.

The Earth has been invaded by robots from space, and their activities have plunged the sky into darkness. Emerging from your bunker, you must find a way to survive in this harsh new world.

Your only weapon? Light! The machines hate it. It keeps them at bay and illuminates your path, but under the smoky sky, light is hard to find. Rig up light-based weapons and traps to foil the robots who pursue you, and you just might make it to the end.

The real kicker is that the environment is procedurally generated. You truly won’t know what’s around the next corner, even if this isn’t your first playthrough.

  • A sprawling world of stealth, survival, and exploration from the makers of SIR, YOU ARE BEING HUNTED and THE SIGNAL FROM TÖLVA.
  • Horrifying and aggressive alien-machine enemies! Run, hide, and stave off death at the hands of a nightmarish cast of evil machines. Fight your instincts as you hide from light-fearing enemies in plain sight, in spotlights, under streetlamps, or even among the failing, flickering illuminations of burned out factories and railway yards.
  • Unique light-based puzzles and challenges. Upgrade your modular flashlight to discover hidden structures, charge up light-sensitive machines, dazzle and overload enemies!
  • Fiendish traps and disturbing hostile environments! Discover a grim world of pitfalls, poison, tripwires, booby-traps and hallucinations.
  • A dark and disorentating procedurally-generated environment, different for each playthrough!
  • A grim sense of existential threat (because we’re good at that sort of thing…)
  • No crafting though, because we find that a bit dull.
  • A tremendous sense of satisfaction in overcoming certain doom. You want that feeling, don’t you? It’s a good feeling.

The Light Keeps Us Safe will be out October 11 in an Early Access release that contains the first chapter of the game. Subsequent chapters will be released in future months until the game is finished. Now here’s the trailer….