It’s been so long since we last saw the TBS comedy Search Party that you might have forgotten most of its plot….which is a problem since this is one of those serialized shows. It was announced earlier this year that it was moving to HBO Max for its third season, and that they were working on a fourth. But what happened in the first and second again?

Here’s the Popgeeks summary of Search Party to date, which should only be read by those who have already seen the existing episodes and need a refresher. If you have yet to see the show and you have a way of watching it, do that instead — don’t let the next two paragraphs spoil you. Fair warning!

Alia Shawkat is Dory Sief, a self-absorbed Brooklyn millennial who hangs out with her hipster friends and tries to avoid work (we know how ugly this stereotype sounds, but trust us, the show really is funny). When someone they know named Chantal disappears without a trace, Dory and her pals Drew, Elliot and Portia form the Search Party that gave the show its name and look for clues to her whereabouts. That’s what takes up the bulk of Season One, ending with the discovery that Chantal is just fine.

But everyone else is not…in the process, they wound up accidentally killing a private investigator who was also on Chantal’s case. The coverup for that murder takes up much of Season Two. Dory, Drew, Elliot and Portia manage to evade the police and destroy all possible evidence connecting them to the crime. However Dory herself is suddenly arrested for his murder, out of nowhere, as Season Two closes. Also, moments before that happened, she may have committed another one.

The new season of Search Party appears June 25 on HBO Max, and kicks things off from there.