Thanks to the Final Fantasy XIV Companion App, you can take the game with you — sort of. It’s impossible to play the processor-heavy full MMO on a mobile device, but you can perform extraneous activities like chat with friends, schedule in-game events, sell things in the game, or manage your inventory items. Starting today you’ll be able to do more than just that, though not for free.

Square is adding features to the Final Fantasy XIV Companion App in the form of a Premium Plan. For $5 a month users will gain the ability to organize retainer inventories and Chocobo saddlebags. In the game, you’ll be given one additional retainer beyond the limit, and have your Chocobo saddlebag capacity doubled. You’ll also receive one additional kupo nut a day.

That alone may not be worth $5 a month to everyone, but the option is there. Square goes into greater detail in the new trailer hyping the Premium Plan.

With or without additional saddlebags or Kupo nuts, the Final Fantasy XIV Companion App will always be free. You can download it today on Google Play and the App Store.