Much of humor is derived from pain. That’s what makes comedy work, and likely why we have a sense of humor in the first place: to deal with the unpleasantries of real life. Many comedians, from the past and the present, have leaned on their own personal problems and issues to generate their stand-up routines. The audience can relate to it, and it helps themselves cope as well.

Funny Pains, from Hewes Pictures, is a new documentary all about today’s stand-up comedians. The doc follows one comic in particular, Wendi Starling, as she leans on past traumas to spice up her act.

Other featured comedians include Nikki Glaser, Jim Norton, Bonnie McFarlane, Andrew Shultz, Yamaneika Saunders, Krystyna Hutchinson, Rich Vos and Mehran Khaghani, who have been featured in specials on Netflix, Comedy Central, YouTube and other platforms. Funny Pains was produced by podcaster Krystyna Hutchinson, along with Pablo Minier, TahuantyPena, and Daria Scoccimarro.

“‘Funny Pains’ is a two-part love letter to NYC and to stand-up comedy; both which I love, respect and owe a lot to,” says Jorgy Cruz, director of the documentary. “Having the support and representation of the superb team at Hewes Pictures made all the difference. They’re one of the main reasons why we are now ready to share our movie with the world on all platforms. I’m grateful and humble.”

Funny Pains will become available on demand in two days, March 26.