Dolls and mannequins have an uncanny valley-ness to them that makes them ripe for horror stories, but it takes a skilled hand to make one truly scary. Done wrong, it just comes off as campy (the film “Dolls”) but done right, it leaves a haunting impression (1979’s cult classic “Tourist Trap”).

Uncork’d has announced an anthology horror flick revolving around scary doll stories, appropriately called “Evil Little Things.” This one actually comes from a production company called “Creepy Doll Films,” so they’d better be good at what they advertise, right? To us, it looks like they nailed it, at least in parts.

The framing device for this one is an old toymaker who’s telling his young customer stories about dolls….pretty screwed up stories about dolls…and to a kid? Well, he’s evil, so… The first story is about a leprechaun doll that wreaks havoc on a helpless family, the second story is about a talking baby doll that gets stabby, and the third…well, the third writes itself when the toymaker gives the child a clown doll. We told you the guy was evil.

Evil Little Things stars Zach Galligan (yes, the Gremlins guy), Hannah Fierman, Courtney Lakin and Jonathan Horne. It was directed by Matt Green from a script written by Yasmin Bakhtiari and Nancy Knight.

Look for Evil Little Things on DVD and digital starting May 12.

From director Matt Green, and starring Hannah Fierman, Courtney Lakin and Jonathan Horne, comes a deliciously wicked new horror anthology in the tradition of Creepshow.
A young boy finds a mystical toymaker with stories to tell. The first is of a leprechaun seeking revenge on a defenseless family. The second is of a doll who works evil on her fragile owner. The toymaker gives the boy a clown named Giggles. Clowns are supposed to be the guardians of happiness, right? These Evil Little Things will cause you many sleepless nights.