The old “someone’s a secret traitor” game. It’s been the enjoyable gimmick of many a tabletop adventure, but you rarely see it used in video games, which is odd because we certainly have the technology now. Windwalk Games is finally putting it to good use in their upcoming online multiplayer title Enemy On Board.

Six players wake up on a spaceship. Two are aliens….but only they know they’re aliens. The humans are somewhat aware but have more on their mind at the moment: they woke up because the ship is malfunctioning, and they’ve got to fix it. As a human your goal is to stabilize the ship, avoid the aliens and survive to the end of the round. The aliens, meanwhile, must kill the humans, but in a way that avoids detection.

  • Action-packed matches with online multiplayer and real-time combat
  • Deeply strategic gameplay where hidden roles and deception abound
  • Round-based gameplay with short 6-8 minute matches
  • Asymmetrical threats, find out who the enemies are while maintaining the ship or get blown to smithereens
  • Communicate with fellow crew members or be a master of deception with integrated voice chat
  • Use your creativity and deliver mass damage with highlight-worthy hit combos
  • Easy to stream, your viewers can play detective and figure out who the aliens are themselves
  • Choose from a vast and constantly growing arsenal of weapons and character skins

Enemy On Board is coming to PC and Mac computers later this year.