KOG Games is a publisher of free-to-play MMOs. This week they’ve updated one of their most popular offerings, Elsword. The update specifically targets their newest playable character, Laby, adding a third job path for her — and a limited-time event to celebrate it.

Laby’s excitement from entering a new world soon faded and was replaced by a feeling of discomfort. She could not shake the feeling, eventually leading her to make a mistake in the battlefield. Despite this, she was able to defeat the enemies with Nisha’s help. Bellonde, however, was injured in the process and his wounds were not healing immediately like hers. She finally realized where her feelings of discomfort were coming from.

Trusting Nisha to take care of her, Laby gives all of her emotions to Nisha allowing her to become corporeal while Laby slowly fades away. To prevent Laby from disappearing, Nisha turned her into a mirror and promised to make this world a place just for Laby – where she can be happy like before.

Rusty Child, Daydreamer, and Nisha Labyrinth; come to realize the nature of their existence… together. Until the day all light fades to nothing.

The Laby 3rd Job Path event starts today and goes on for the next two weeks. Here’s what you can get within that time frame:

  • Every 10 levels plus accomplishing specific tasks will give Laby plenty of rewards to keep her afloat as she explores her new world! Fill your inventories with rewards like: Accessories, Expansion Cubes, Potions, Mounts, a Mini Poco, and so much more!
  • Plus, get more consumable rewards daily like Sage’s Magic Stones, Elixirs, and Potions when you clear dungeons within her level range!

The Laby 3rd Job Path Event will conclude on March 19 at 11:59 PDT. To learn more visit the official event page: https://elsword.koggames.com/laby-3rd-path-release/events.php#menu Elsword is available now for PC.