Turns out all the rumors you’ve been hearing about Watch Dogs Legion are true. Ubisoft showed off the game during their E3 conference today as the centerpiece of their 2019-2020 lineup. It’s set in a dystopian post-Brexit London, and all the NPCs on the street are playable. ALL of them.

We have no idea how Ubisoft pulled this off, but you can walk up to anyone in the game and recruit them for your underground army, and they will henceforth be playable, with their own voices, movements and storylines. This means the game has potentially hundreds of playable characters — a programming nightmare. There has to be some cheating somewhere, right? Some of the voices have to be reused at some point, right?

We don’t know, but like the rest of the Internet right now, we hope there’s more than one Helen, the retired spy granny shown off in both the trailer and the gameplay video. With her lethal spider-bot drone, she’s the perfect resistance tool, for who would ever suspect her? The moment we get this game we’re tracking Helen down…but we’ll have to be careful or we could lose her.

That’s another rumor that’s true…Watch Dogs Legion has permadeath. If a character in this game dies, they’re actually dead — you can’t play as them anymore. That’s when the game picks back up with someone else. The story overall is made up of hundreds of little stories — which citizens get wrapped up in the tale is up to you.

Here’s what really hurts: the release date is March 6, 2020. Yes, that means if nothing gets delayed, Cyberpunk 2077, FFVII Remake, and this will be out in the SAME MONTH. I hope one of these companies blinks because otherwise, the pileup is going to result in at least one well-deserving game selling terribly. And why March? Whatever happened to the holiday season?

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