Tion Industries, a development studio in Buenos Aires, revealed their planet-terraforming strategy sim Per Aspera today at E3.

Mankind has talked before about making Mars habitable, but no one’s done it until you managed to guide the robotic AI machine AMI onto the red planet. She’s awaiting your orders to harvest water from within the planet and plant the seeds of life. AMI’s tech is based on real-life theoretical engineering that could someday make this happen.

But wait a minute…what’s this? You’re NOT the first to terraform Mars. In fact, several parties have been here before you, and all of them failed…..but why? How do you learn what happened and avoid the same fate? And how come nobody back at Houston told you about this?

Expect Per Aspera to touch down on a computer near you in 2020.

Per Aspera is a planet simulation strategy game with a strong narrative component that tasks players to guide AMI, a superintelligent artificial consciousness, whose prime directive is to terraform Mars and make it habitable for humankind. Explore a map based on geographical data from NASA, harvest available resources from the surface, and utilize technology based on real-life engineering and scientific principles to create a thriving interplanetary operation.

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