Those lucky Japanese get the chance to sample the beta, they just have to meet some criteria first…

The Criteria
– Will actively test and report bugs for the game
– Must have a Wii and can connect to the Internet
– Need to have a Square Enix Members account
– Must live in Japan  🙁

Other details about the beta include:
– Applications will be accepted in mid-November
– Will receive a kit with a beta disk, an instruction manual, and a Wii USB memory card if you’re accepted
– Can opt to get the kit without the USB card
– USB memory currently set to be 16GB (not finalized)
– Create a character from any of the five tribes
– Everyone starts from the same location; expand out from there
– Play some of the story prologue and battle some of the bosses
– Making it so you can’t progress in the story
– Need to purchase the final, retail version for the story
– Those participating not allowed to tell other people about the beta/post images or movies
– Character created for the beta test will probably not be usable in the final version
– Beta testers will receive a special Drackey cap as a bonus (see screenshot above)
– No time limit for applying to be a beta tester
– Square Enix will continue accepting applications even after the start of the test, and will periodically hold drawings to add more people
– Admission is not based on first-apply-first-in


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