Board game designers Flatout Games are working with publisher Crafty Games to bring a scrumptious new addition to the tabletop scene: Dollars To Donuts.

You and your friends are in the donut store business. To start out, you must trade in some of your Dollar Tiles for Donut Tiles to build up stock. Place your Donut Tiles strategically on the board to match up donut halves and win Victory Tokens (mismatched halves will earn more Dollar Tokens, and another chance). Victory Tokens help you serve customers and earn even more.

“We first discovered Dollars to Donuts during a company summit in Washington State,” says Crafty Games. “Shawn & Molly from Flatout came down to visit us and show off their games in development. From the moment we first played this charming game, we knew we had to publish it. Here we are almost exactly 2 years later, with the game fully developed and delightfully illustrated by Dylan Mangini. We’re this close to having the game in our hands, and all we need is your help deciding how much awesome to pack in the box!”

Dollars To Donuts comes with four player mats, one specials board, 16 starter tiles, 62 donut tiles, 24 customer cards, 60 dollar tiles, 100 delicious victory tokens, and a cloth bag.

You have until August 10 to make a pledge and secure your copy of Dollars To Donuts. The base game costs a $29 pledge…a higher tier is meant for retailers to order bulk copies at a discount.