Naughty Dog, the developer of Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception, responded to complaints about aiming in the single-player campaign.

Apparently a few fans have been experiencing aiming problems that have been affecting the single-player campaign of the newly released PS3 exclusive game. Threads have began to appear at Naughty Dog and NeoGaf forums outling the issues, which include a lack of acceleration and possible dead analog zones. In the Naughty Dog thread a poster gave an example of how a circular 360 degree motion on the right analog stick resulted in a square-like aiming motion in the game. Senior Manager of Marketing Communications for Naughty Dog, Arne Meyer, replied in the same thread that “We’re looking into some other things that you’ve mentioned, but we just pulled up Uncharted 2 here – it goes in a square too as described. ” and later “We put up a post about guns in both SP and MP: It appears Naughty Dog don’t really see it as a problem.