Huge revelations arrived this morning at 6 AM (Pacific time) when a new Nintendo Direct began streaming from the company HQ. To start things rolling, Iwata debuted the trailer for the latest in the Fire Emblem series, entitled “The Latest In The Fire Emblem Series.” No release date as of yet, but the same team behind Awakening will be producing.

Iwata continued with revelations of puzzle games involving monsters: the eShop game “Pokemon Shuffle” and the previously Japan-only kiddie series “Puzzles and Dragons,” which looks like every Pokemon ripoff of the past 15 years, will be released here — and to sweeten the pot, Nintendo will be sticking in a variant of the game painted with Mario characters. Both games will be sold as one.

There was a surprise announcement of Wii games available in the digital eShop starting immediately. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is downloadable right now, Punch-Out Wii will arrive next week, and (to GameStop’s lament) Metroid Prime Trilogy will follow the week after. They will also be listed at half-price for the week they appear.

Bill Trinen took the screen and announced Wave 3 of the Amiibo figures, followed by a new lineup of Mario Amiibos designed for Mario Party 10. Lest you think such a move was redundant, Trinen assured viewers you can use the Smash Bros. Mario Amiibo for the same functions in Mario Party 10. ……He then said you had to erase the Smash data first. Okay, it’s redundant.

When Majora’s Mask 3DS comes out, you will be able to add Young Link to Hyrule Warriors via a new DLC pack, as well as some new costumes and a new map. The pack will also include a playable Tingle that kills hordes of enemies by kissing them. “Just be glad he’s on YOUR side,” reminded Trinen.

We got a beautiful new Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer and the revelation that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be sold in North America this April. Reggie introduced the New 3DS XL and covered a lot of details we already knew about it, but did reveal save data will be transferrable for those seeking an upgrade, and that all four 3DS titles that used the clunky stick add-on will be compatible with the little camera pad on the New 3DS. No word if DS compatibility is in the machine. A Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate version will be sold exclusively at GameStop, to make up for the loss of value in Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Finally, the video contained a special peek at Majora’s Mask 3DS and the reveal that it is being released on the same day. So on that note, a special New 3DS will be sold with a Majora paint job. It sold out before you woke up this morning.

This video was packed with reveals and contained one new game a minute, way too much to encapsulate in full here. For all the details, check out the Nintendo Direct video itself.

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