Satine Phoenix (Siren Show) and Stefan Pokorny (Founder/CEO of Dwarven Forge) are teaming up to introduce Destination Fantastic…a globetrotting documentary series about fantasies, legends and myths from around the world. Last month the project launched a crowdfunding campaign, which we assume was successful because they’ve announced they’re moving forward with production now.

“This is so fantastic! Thank you everyone who believed in us and supported in all the ways! It just goes to show that we Storytellers value these ancient stories and cultures,” says co-host Satine Phoenix. “I grew up watching Joseph Campbell’s Myth and Symbol and David Attenborough’s Trials of Life series (I still have the VHS on my shelves) and other educational shows on PBS. I’m so honored to be a part of this project and especially to represent women and minorities in this intellectual and storytelling realm. We’re no longer breaking molds, we are paving a new way for the future! I’m excited Stefan and I can make these historical pieces accessible for everyone and hope it inspires you as it inspires us. I can’t wait to see what you create from what we share! Cheers to the many journeys and to our community!”

Fellow co-host and co-creator Stefan Pokorny also said, “Thank you for believing in this wonderful project. When I was a boy I was transported by shows like In Search Of… or Wild Kingdom; shows that took my daydreaming to distant places and unlocked my imagination. Dungeons and Dragons had the same effect on me…as did art and actual travel. Our show combines ALL those elements and will undoubtedly make a truly mesmerizing, thoughtful and informative program. We need such quality programs in the world, especially at this point in humanity’s growth. We are at a crossroad where we are all becoming jaded and technologically entranced by gadgets and small devices. We must keep our eyes open to the wonders of nature and other cultures and never lose our humanity.”

Filming is expected to complete this fall. A release date has not been announced.

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