Prolific Pictures will be releasing Debunkers Inc, their family-friendly supernatural mystery movie, early next month.

So you’ve got these three teens who fancy themselves to be ace detectives, though they’re anything but. They’ve nicknamed themselves Link, Snake and Dr. Mario, and I love them for that. A Canadian exchange student soon joins them (who gives herself the name Sheik), and they form the Debunkers, “the premiere Mystery Debunking business in the state of California.”

Will they get themselves a big van, a giant Great Dane, and a case involving a disgruntled janitor in a ghost costume? Not quite….their first big assignment turns out to be a friggin’ MURDER; talk about growing up quickly. Two fellow students named Heather and Joyce need their help to identify the killer of their friend Nina. The police have been no help, but maybe the Debunkers can spot something they didn’t. Or maybe these three video game fanatics will just get in over their heads.

Debunkers Inc stars Josh Pinkowski, Izzy Pollak, Blake Kevin Dwyer, Nicole Dubois, Eilise Guilfoyle, Cayla Green, Tennyson Shanahan, Matthew Law, Suzana Norberg, Joe Paulson and Ryan Andrews. It was directed by Matt Thompson, and it’ll be heading to VOD platforms September 3.

Link, the CEO and leader, is more interested in the look of the business, rather than doing business. Doc, the CIO (Chief Investigative Officer) is Link’s honorable, trustworthy friend who is happy to bring along a new friend, Sheik (the intern, a Canadian foreign exchange girl), to join the group… and then there’s Snake (the Vice President of Clandestine Maneuvers, and Secretary), the mysterious wild-card who thinks he’s really a ninja and life is a series of video-game levels. Together these are the Debunkers, the self-proclaimed “premiere Mystery Debunking business in the state of California.”

These boys are willing to fake it till they make it, and so far they’ve solved only a handful of petty mysteries, but they’re about to get the assignment of a lifetime. During their first day of senior year of high school, two desperate girls, Heather and Joyce, call upon their help to solve the mystery of the murder of their friend, Nina Galanosa. The Debunkers, eager as ever to prove themselves, quickly agree, but soon begin to deal with expectations of reality.