If all had gone well, we would have been playing CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 on April 16. But a delay forced the game into September 17…which doesn’t seem so far away NOW; we’ll get to immerse ourselves in CDPR’s latest the moment fall rolls around….oh wait.

“At the time we are writing these words, Cyberpunk 2077 is finished both content and gameplay-wise,” admits CDPR members Marcin Iwiński and Adam Badowski. “The quests, the cutscenes, the skills and items; all the adventures Night City has to offer — it’s all there. But with such an abundance of content and complex systems interweaving with each other, we need to properly go through everything, balance game mechanics and fix a lot of bugs.”

It’s in times like these we have to remind ourselves of something a wise man once said: “A delayed game is eventually good; a rushed game is bad forever.” You don’t want Cyberpunk 2077 to be bad forever, do you? (Never mind that quote came from the era before patches.)

Cyberpunk 2077’s new date is November 19….just in time for Thanksgiving. If this virus is still around, and odds are good it will be, we won’t get a parade or a large family dinner…but this will fill the gap quite nicely.

“With all these days, they might as well release the game for Playstation 5,” you might say. They were way ahead of you…it’ll be “forwards compatible” with the upcoming PS5 and XBox Series X machines. Pop the disc in and it’ll work Day 1, and future patches will enhance the graphics to take advantage of those consoles’ extra power. Neat!