Crytek have explained that their new MOBA, Arena of Fate, will be a much more streamlined game. They have tailor made the title so that it will not frustrate newcomers by removing confusing elements and changing gameplay to better suit co-operation.

Speaking to Joystiq, producer David Bowman explained how they have tried to make the game as easy to pick up as possible. Feeling that many players are put off by some of the many features normally present in MOBA games they have tried to make it more about killing your enemies.

“We’ve tried to make this game very approachable. So we’ve tried to remove some of the toxic elements that exist in, unfortunately, some of the other products. In order to do that, we started with the design questions of what was actually causing conflict among teams.”

By removing a store to buy items and instead simply relying on a level progression system they believe that gamers will be better able to play exactly as they want, developing their character to suit their strengths.

Crytek also detailed how they intend to foster co-operation amongst teammates rather than competition for gold. All friendly forces within a set distance of an enemy will receive the award for the death, removing the squabbling over who gets the last hit.

Multiplayer online battle arena games have become increasingly popular over the last ten years. Mods such as Defense of the Ancients grabbed the attention of developers and publishers that eventually led to full releases such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and Guardians of Middle Earth.

The genre  acts as a combination of real time strategy and action, giving players control of only one unit to battle as part of a team against opposing forces.

Arena of Fate enters a beta for PC this summer, although a release date has yet to be detailed.

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