It takes a special kind of person to man a Crisis Hotline and stop people from doing horrible things. But anyone can do it with training. None other than voice actor Lorenzo Music was a hotline volunteer. Once he got a phone call and he said to the caller in his trademark sleepy voice, “don’t do it, man, people love you, you got a lot of life left.” The person on the other end replied with, “…….Are you that cat from TV?”

The protagonist of Crisis Hotline, a new thriller coming out from High Octane Pictures, could likely use Lorenzo’s soothing skills. He finds himself on the other line with a desperate maniac threatening to commit a massive murder-suicide. Only the man’s words can prevent a tragedy from unfolding…he’d better pick them carefully.

Crisis Hotline stars Corey Jackson, Christian Gabriel and Pano Tsaklas, and was written and directed by Mark Schwab. Look for the film to appear on DVD and VOD platforms June 11.

A cynical counselor at a crisis hotline finds himself in a life or death situation when a young man calls and threatens to kill three people and then himself in “an excellent thriller” (Screencritix) that features “some really convincing performances” (IndyRed). Corey Jackson, Christian Gabriel and Pano Tsaklas star.

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