On July 13, Lifelike Studios will be launching the closed beta for Rogue Heist, their upcoming team-based co-op shooter. Here’s why we think it has potential.

In basic terms, the main goal of Rugue Heist is what it says on the label — for your team to pull off a heist, but it’s also to stop your rival team from doing the same. Strategy and prior planning are required, as well as matching each team member to their individual strengths. Each match is 6 vs. 6, with XP, Heist Ratings and a share of the prize at stake.

Rogue Heist is creative enough to incorporate more elements of a classic heist tale than just pointing guns around. For example, to get the treasures that are really worth something, one of you has to hack into a safe. That activity leaves you completely vulnerable, so teammates will have to cover the one who dares to go for it.

You could be one of the first to try this game out. The closed beta on Steam will last from July 13th till July 15th. If you want in, the time is now — fill out the form on the website to be chosen. Only a limited number of spots are available.

As for the game proper. Rogue Heist still doesn’t have a definitive launch date, but it should be out for purchase later this summer.

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