Say what you will about Chrono Cross, it’s still one of the finest games the original Playstation ever produced, even if it’s not a satisfying Chrono Trigger sequel. And it’s almost ((deep inhale gasp)) two decades old. Which likely makes you even older.

Chrono Cross was controversial when it came out, but it’s a great example of Square’s golden era, and there’s a category in which it can’t be beat — by ANY game. That’s in music. The Chrono Cross soundtrack is the greatest video game soundtrack ever created, and anybody who disagrees is an ignoramus.

Its timeless tracks were brought into existence by composer Yasunori Mitsuda, who worked on several other Square titles. Now Mitsuda is serving as conductor for a live concert tour across Japan. Orchestral renditions of video gaming’s sweetest tracks, composed by the guy who made them….what more could you ask for? Besides a US tour.

It has been almost twenty years since Chrono Cross was released on November 18, 1999. Since this is the year of Chrono Cross, I wanted to celebrate it with everyone by doing a live concert tour. The theme for the music in Chrono Cross was “radical traditional”. For Chrono Cross, I tried the best I could to create a new kind of video game music. All kinds of sounds were mixed together, from Balkan music to Celtic, Nordic, African and so on, making the music stateless and unique.

This time, I’ll personally arrange all of the pieces played during the tour. I’m aiming for the type of setting where we can all laugh and dance together. It won’t be a concert where the audience sits and listens, but rather a standing concert where all the fans and musicians can share their energy and enjoy the music together. The live concert tour will happen in three places: Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. I hope everyone can lose themselves in the music. Together with Serge, Schala ”Kid” Zeal and everyone, let’s set out in search of the “Frozen Flame”.

Information regarding tickets, pricing and the musicians involved will be revealed at a later time, but if you keep an eye on this webpage, the answers will be posted eventually. The Chrono Cross 20th Anniversary Live Tour begins November 3rd (in Tokyo), continues November 16th (in Osaka), and wraps up November 17th (in Nagoya).

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