Most games take inspiration from earlier games — no one game is created in a vacuum. When developer Hashed Egg Games looked for inspiration, they went ALL the way back, back to one of the earliest games around, and came up with Chessboard Kingdoms.

While the foundation is chess, the gameplay goes beyond the standard moves and strategies — “chess on steroids” as they say. You can zap the opposing army with spells. You can build up forts and towers to gain a strategic advantage. Different board sizes and combinations of troops are possible. You can even turn the chessboard into a session of Capture The Flag. A lot more is legal in Chessboard Kingdoms!

Sharpen your mind with chess strategies and tactics. Put your skills to the test on different board sizes and with different combinations of troops. Choose to use the familiar chess-like pieces, or explore the unique additions.

Enemy is sitting behind those tall Walls and Gates? Launch a catapult or trebuchet assault and bring down the fortress. Not only effective, but it’s fun to watch those pesky walls crumble.

Play with up to 4 other players on a variety of maps. Try to grasp the victory and achieve a high score. Gameplay takes on a whole new perspective when there’s more than two players involved.

Chessboard Kingdoms is not yet available, but Hashed Egg will be holding a closed beta soon — to get on the list as soon as it opens, keep up with their Facebook page. Also keep a watch on Chessboard Kingdoms’ Steam page for future updates.