Ceress and Orea is a puzzle game utilizing a plot straight out of a Greek tragedy. After Ceress falls in love with Orea, they become separated when Ceress is sentenced to death for loving a woman. Now lost in a death zone called The Abyss, Ceress manages to convince an old god to help her escape and be reunited with her lost love.

But we’re not talking about the game today…we’re discussing its soundtrack. The music in Ceress and Orea was composed by Ryan Fogleman, a guitarist from the Southern Oregon Rogue Valley. After teaching himself to play guitar, he composed several prog rock songs until tuning his attention to video game music.

Now Fogleman’s work for the game has been compiled into a soundtrack album by Material Collective, publishers of other video game music covers we’ve discussed before. He cites the Ori and the Blind Forest soundtrack as inspiration, among other things.

“Ceress and Orea is an intimate, beautiful love story with adventure and puzzle elements,” says Fogleman. “I knew that it needed a score that was touching and gripping without being overly grandiose – since there are relatively few named characters in the game, there was a lot of opportunity to write leitmotifs and focus on the detailed musical representation of every area and character, as well as the relationship between the titular women, Ceress and Orea. A great deal of the inspiration for the Ceress and Orea score came from Gareth Coker’s soundtrack for Ori and the Blind Forest, as well as the work of Yuji Nomi, Joe Hisaishi and Darren Korb. I hope you enjoy experiencing Ceress and Orea, as well as its soundtrack!”

The Ceress and Orea soundtrack is available now on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. There are links to all three on Materia Collective’s product page.