The Caravan Wars have begun! Starting today you can wage a fierce battle for dominion of a world-famous trade route in Hiker Games’ new free-to-play strategy title.

Caravan War turns the challenge of the historical Silk Road trading route into a beautifully illustrated multiplayer tower defense game. Blending strategy and pre-battle planning, you’re tasked with managing a commercial empire with immense resources – including a well-equipped caravan perfect for acquiring goods and gold. Assemble a squad with carefully chosen towers and units (some of them sporting special abilities) – and then venture into the world by undertaking campaigns and ambushes. But watch out: You can also be raided by others who will have no qualms about seizing your merchandise! You’ll need to excel at the art of war – er, “trading” – if you want to keep up with the competition.

“We love tower defense games – but we also know that the genre is in need of some innovation. The answer is multiplayer,” says Phuong Nguyen Vu, product lead at Hiker Games. “Caravan War is laser-focused on PvP – with kinetic gameplay not unlike a real-time strategy game, since you do whatever it takes to defend your caravan. Sure, we have PvE combat as well – but there’s nothing quite like building up a powerful squad and grinding your enemies to dust. Who says hostile takeovers can’t be fun?”

Caravan War launches today on iOS and Android. Entry is free but the game will be bugging you for in-app purchases. Find it on Google Play and the App Store.

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