Batman The Animated Newsletter #113


117Batman: The Animated Newsletter
Weeks of April 15 – April 21, 2002
Volume 4, 3
Rated: PG (as with all other things Batman-related)

THIS ISSUE’S SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE: “Hey Cartoon Network, thanks for airing JUSTICE LEAGUE and all, but please, STOP RE-RUNNING THE SAME OLD EPISODES OVER AND OVER! And for that matter, WHY HASN’T ‘INJUSTICE FOR ALL’ AIRED YET? Thank-you.”

On September 5 of this year, BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES will be celebrating its tenth anniversary of production. This ranges everywhere from the show itself to the comics based upon it to books, toys, video games, merchandising…everything started on this date.

As a way to celebrate, co-editor Dick Grayson has set up a page at his WORLD’S FINEST site where he has big things planned for this momentous occasion, including creator interviews, reviews, and a poll that will ultimately decide what the “best episode ever” is.

To check it out, go to this URL:
New episodes are on the horizon! Here’s what we can expect in the near future…

“Legends” (Pt. 1)
Airdate: Sunday, April 21, 2002

“Legends” (Pt. 2)
Airdate: Sunday, April 28, 2002
(see back issues for older info)

-Brian Cruz of Toonzone has compiled an image library of Kids WB and Cartoon Network shows. Take a look:
Kids’ WB!:
Cartoon Network:

-Also, Canadian Batman fans may want to check out the new specialty channel “Action”, which airs the 1960’s Batman series on Saturday at 4:30pm (ET). Check local listings for showtimes.
-The following artists are selling artwork on eBay. The following are their names and Seller ID’s:
Terry Beatty:
Craig Rousseau: cerousseau
Tim Levins: tlevins
Min S. Ku: min3000gt

-CARTOON NETWORK has just ordered 26 more episodes of JUSTICE LEAGUE for its second season; this brings the total episode count up to 52.
-To read an interview with BTAS/STAS/BEYOND/JLA guru Rich Fogel, go here:
-The following is an entire episode-title listing for the first season of JLA:
#8, 9 Injustice For All
#16, 17 Fury
#18, 19 Legends
#20, 21 A Knight Of Shadows
#22, 23 Metamorphis
#24, 25, 26 The Savage Time

-Coming soon, John Delaney will be writing a JLA issue featuring both Aquaman and Poison Ivy.
A baffling series of jewelry-store heists puts the Dark Knight on the trail of an unlikely suspect…and a brand-new villain. There’s a mystery behind the mystery in “Façade.”
Catwoman returns! As she faces off with Batman during a foiled break-in, the Cat-burglar takes a bomb. The mystery of who planted it – and what Catwoman was really up to – is one the Dark Knight has to solve with his heart instead of his head, in an action-packed 50th issue!
Awesome Cover:
Mr. Freeze is sprung from Arkham by Nora (the ex-wife he never got over) to formulate the compound that might return him – and the life they once shared – to normal. But love is blind. Featuring super-cool guest-art by Brad Rader (CATWOMAN) & Terry Austin (SUPERMAN ADVENTURES).
If you have ever wanted to own the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes, now’s your chance! Chronos, the Time Thief, has captured the members of the Justice League and is auctioning them off to the highest villainous bidder! Can the Justice League find a way out before they’re going, going, gone?
Meet the Fastest Fax Alive as the League’s speediest member tries to save time by traveling through the telephone lines – and accidentally dials a fax machine by mistake! But being flat as a pancake isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and when the fun of slipping under doorways wears off, the Flash thinks his career is over…until the Earth is invaded by amazingly thin creatures from the Second Dimension!
When the League learns that there’s a giant creature using the moon as a giant monster incubator, they do everything in their power to keep things stable. But as the gargantuan beast starts to hatch, the very Earth itself is threatened with certain doom! And when a stormy old foe uses the opportunity to create chaos, the Justice League finds themselves buffeted by the howling winds of fate!

-For more animated comic updates, go here:

-Good things don’t last forever. Greg Rucka is leaving DETECTIVE COMICS as of DETECTIVE #775, the October issue. Ed Brubaker will be taking over DETECTIVE in his absence, as well as continue with BATMAN and CATWOMAN. He will still be working on GOTHAM CENTRAL, the new comic series focussing on the GCPD, with Brubaker in the future. For the full story, go here:
-ROBIN: YEAR ONE will be released as a trade paperback on April 3. Here’s the cover:
-The BRUCE WAYNE: FUGUTIVE crossover is continuing until late July, with plans of a big finale. This makes it the second-longest Bat-crossover ever, second only to the immense year-long NO MAN’S LAND. In issues March through July, the cover of each chapter will feature a jigsaw puzzle piece that, when assembled, will show a face of the killer of Vesper Fairchild.
-HARLEY QUINN #21: Harley vs. The Demon

Chapter 7: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #28; released April 17. Robin discovers something in the murder mystery that makes him question Bruce Wayne’s guilt.
Chapter 8: DETECTIVE COMICS #770; released May 8. Another clue in Vesper’s murder is revealed; meanwhile, Batman comes into conflict with an agent of the organization known as Checkmate. Both seek to bring down the Lucky Hand Triad, and both are desperate to get a deadly shipment of drugs off the street.
Chapter 9: NIGHTWING #69; released on May 15. In order to prove that Bruce was framed for murder, Dick, Tim, and Alfred must prove that someone was able to break into the Batcave. But with miles of unexplored caves and Batman’s air-tight security system, can even Nightwing find a security gap?
Chapter 10: BIRDS OF PREY #43; released May 22. What is the mysterious connection between the final news story of Vesper Fairchild’s career and the break-ins at Wayne Manor? Oracle must find the connection, but when Alfred comes forward with even more evidence, the pieces begin to fall into place.
Chapter 11: BATMAN #603; released May 29. Old wounds are reopened as Batman is put on the one case he never expected. The Dark Knight is summoned to the bedside of a dying ex-cop, whose wish is to have Batman solve the one case the cop could never close: the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne! Guest-appearance by Catwoman! Plus, another piece to the Vesper murder is revealed.
Chapter 12: DETECTIVE COMICS #771; released June 5. It’s one thing to try and solve a murder. Being cleared of the crime is a different matter. While Batman struggles to build a new life, the shadow of the GCPD looms large.
Chapter 13: BATGIRL #29; released June 12. The Bat-team tries to piece them together by recreating the crime, with Nightwing playing the role of the killer and Batgirl, the victim.
Chapter 14: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #30; released June 19. What’s eating Azrael? And why is he using those closest to Batman as punching bags? Join us for the first part of a story where the Agent of the Bat plans to take over Batman’s cowl – permanently!
Chapter 15: AZRAEL #91; released June 19. Azrael’s deterioration takes a savage turn as guest-stars Batman, Robin and Nightwing struggle to keep up! With Jean Paul’s dementia increasing to match his super-strength, Batman feels responsible for all his new acts of violence, since he failed to stop Azrael’s career early on. But will his guilty conscience make him fall victim to an enraged Azrael?
BATMAN #604; released June 26. Batman returns to the place that started it all – Crime Alley – to think over the events of recent months (Vesper’s murder, his own arrest and escape, his abandonment of the Bruce Wayne persona). But it’s not a quiet moment of reflection. He runs into Catwoman, and they proceed to roof-hop all over Gotham, fighting thugs in between moments of deep thought.

-A new BATMAN movie trailer is on the net…sort of. Look under SCOOBY DOO in
the trailer section of DARK HORIZONS:

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-ONSTAR is holding a contest where a winner gets to have a walk-on role in whatever the next Batman movie will be.
-For more news on the BIRDS OF PREY TV series, go here:

-Vancouver radio station CKNW recently did an interview with Gillian Anderson (of X-FILES fame) in which she mentioned herself possibly getting a role in the next Batman movie. My bet is that if this is true, she’ll be playing the lover (and future wife) of Comissioner Gordon, Sarah Essen.
-More confirmation on the 2004 release date of BATMAN: YEAR ONE. Darren Aronofsky’s next film, LAST MAN, is being filmed this summer, and YEAR ONE is likely his next project. This should start filming by mid-2003, aiming for a summer 2004 release date. Thanks to and the GOTHAM WEEKLY NEWS for this tidbit!
-Aronofsky is also saying that Ellen Burstyn, the star of another of his films (REQUIEM FOR A DREAM) will appear in his next film. This could be either YEAR ONE or another film he has on his slate, “LAST MAN”.
-There are also rumors that, on account of the popularity of the ONSTAR Batman commercials, the WB is looking for a suitable “unknown” actor to play Batman in YEAR ONE. (This same tactic was used when Christopher Reeve was chosen to play Superman and, to a lesser extent, the whole Michael Keaton fiasco.)

-No new news here.

-No new news here

-Don’t count on this one any time soon.

-No new news here. Don’t expect this movie to happen for quite a while. Development Hell, folks.

-Though it is remaining in the current timeslot on the WB, in Canada, SMALLVILLE will move from its Wednesday timeslot at 8pm to a Thursday timeslot at 7pm, also on GLOBAL.

-Nothing notable to speak of…yet.

-Hot on the heels of all the new Batman DVDs coming out, we have to report about yet another: BATMAN MEETS SCOOBY DOO! Yeah, way back when, the guys at Hanna Barbera made two team-ups of the Scooby-Doo gang with Batman and Robin, “The Dynamic Scooby Affair” and “The Caped Crusader Caper”. The release date is set for this summer.
-UbiSoft brought out a BTAS game for PLAYSTATION. Then a Superman game. Then they brought out a BTAS game for PS2 – and now they’re doing the same with Superman! To check out a preview for SUPERMAN: SHADOW OF APOKALIPS, go here!
-On June 12, 2002, look out for an animated Catwoman statue, featuring the feline fatale sitting atop a safe, also featuring Isis. It is done in the same general style as the Batgirl/Batsignal statue that was released last year. Go to to check it out!
-A new Batman four-pack is in the works, RAVING TOY MANIAC reports! Another TOYS R US exclusive, it is due out in February and will feature repaints of Batman, Robin, Ra’s Al Ghul, and…you guessed it…Talia! Here is a picture:
This action figure line is on sale now! Each of the following figures have special glow-in-the-dark capabilities:
*Lunar Attack Batman
*Midnight Hunter Batman
*Night Fury Robin
*Nightshadow Batman
-There is also rumours of a Ventriloquist/Scarface four-pack, and a new “REVENGE OF THE PENGUIN” four-pack, featuring a new sculpt for Penguin, based on his nightclub-owner redesigns. Batman, Robin, and Nightwing are likely the other figures included.
Check out our BAT-MERCHANDISE section for more!
-A new animated statue is coming June 12! Check out this cool piece of Catwoman memorabilia:

For more BATMAN, SUPERMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, BATMAN BEYOND, and related stories and news, check out the WORLD’S FINEST NEWSPAGE at:

In coming months, the CARTOON NETWORK will have the ability to show all of the WB’s superhero series. Until these dates, only BATMAN BEYOND and JLA will be on the air. Here are the times all will be shown:

Mon 04-15-02 JLA Paradise Lost (Pt. 1)
Tue 04-16-02 JLA Paradise Lost (Pt. 2)
Wed 04-17-02 JLA War World (Pt. 1)
Thu 04-18-02 JLA War World (Pt. 2)
Sat 04-20-02 JLA Fury (Pt. 2)
* * * * * *
Mon 04-22-02 JLA The Brave and the Bold (Pt. 1)
Tue 04-23-02 JLA The Brave and the Bold (Pt. 2)
Wed 04-24-02 JLA Fury (Pt. 1)
Thu 04-25-02 JLA Fury (Pt. 2)
Sat 04-27-02 JLA Legends (Pt. 1)
* * * * * *
Sat 05-04-02 JLA Legends (Pt. 2)
Sun 05-05-02 JLA War World (Pt. 1)

Mon 04-15-02 BEYOND #20 Once Burned
Tue 04-16-02 BEYOND #21 Hooked Up
Wed 04-17-02 BEYOND #22 Rats
Thu 04-18-02 BEYOND #23 Mind Games
Fri 04-19-02 BEYOND #24 Revenant
Sat 04-20-02 BEYOND #05 The Winning Edge
* * * * * *
Mon 04-22-01 BEYOND #25 Babel
Tue 04-23-02 BEYOND #26 Terry’s Friend Dates a Robot
Wed 04-24-02 BEYOND #27 Eyewitness
Thu 04-25-02 BEYOND #28 Zeta
Fri 04-26-02 BEYOND #29 Last Resort
Sat 04-27-02 BEYOND #10 Dead Man’s Hand
* * * * * *
Mon 04-29-02 BEYOND #30 Final Cut
Tue 04-30-02 BEYOND #31 Armory
Wed 05-01-02 BEYOND #32 Sneak Peek
Thu 05-02-02 BEYOND #33 Plague
Fri 05-03-02 BEYOND #34 The Eggbaby
Sat 05-04-02 BEYOND #07 Meltdown

Sat 04-20-02 #09 Be a Clown
Sun 04-21-02 #10 Two-Face (Pt. 1)
Sat 04-27-02 #10 Two-Face (Pt. 1)
Sun 04-28-02 #11 It’s Never Too Late
Sat 05-04-02 #17 Two-Face (Pt. 2)
Sun 05-05-02 #33 The Laughing Fish

(BATMAN on YTV – courtesy of our friends at YTV)

YTV has just re-added BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES to its timeslot! Set your VCRs though, kiddies, because these episodes come on at 3:30am! Ack!

YTV also has the rights to all of the BATMAN BEYOND episodes, which will air every Saturday mornings at 10:00am, and then Saturday nights (or, technically, Sunday mornings) at 12:30am.

Mon 04-15-02: BTAS #37 Robin’s Reckoning (Pt. 2)
Tue 04-16-02: BTAS #47 Birds of a Feather
Wed 04-17-02: BTAS #58 Blind as a Bat
Thu 04-18-02: BTAS #43 Day of the Samurai
Fri 04-19-02: BTAS #15 See No Evil

Mon 04-22-02: BTAS #59 The Demon’s Quest (Pt. 1)
Tue 04-23-02: BTAS #63 The Demon’s Quest (Pt. 2)
Wed 04-24-02: BTAS #64 Read My Lips
Thu 04-25-02: BTAS #62 Fire From Olympus
Fri 04-26-02: BTAS #57 Shadow of the Bat (Pt. 1)

Mon 04-29-02: BTAS #62 Shadow of the Bat (Pt. 2)
Tue 04-30-02: BTAS #52 Mudslide
Wed 05-01-02: BTAS #65 The Worry Men
Thu 05-02-02: BTAS #53 Paging the Crime Doctor
Fri 05-03-02: BTAS #70 House and Garden

Sat 04-20-02: 10:00am #36 Payback
Sun 04-21-02: 12:30am #06 Shriek

Sat 04-27-02: 10:00am #37 Sentries of the Lost Cosmos
Sun 04-28-02: 12:30am #07 Meltdown
(by “Belle Book”)

Written by: Rich Fogel, Paul Dini
Teleplay by: Dwayne MacDuffe
Directed by: Dan Riba
Aired: March 11, 2002
Ranking: ****1/2 (out of 5 stars)

While exploring an archaeological dig, an archaeologist witnesses a gorilla escaping from a hidden city, while his pursuers retreat after seeing the archaeologist watching them. Some days later, the Flash is trying to impress two girls when he has to stop a truck that caused a car to crash into the restaurant where he was. With the aid of Green Lantern, he is able to catch the criminals and recover the truck. The truck was carrying nuclear isotopes that were stolen – problem is, the criminals don’t remember stealing the isotopes. The mystery deepens when the Flash is knocked out while attempting to capture a huge gorilla, and doesn’t remember stealing the isotopes later on! Ultimately, the huge gorilla, Solovar, provides the answers to both the Flash and Green Lantern. Grodd, a power-mad gorilla from the hidden Gorilla City, had been thwarted in his efforts to take over Gorilla City by means of mind-control, and escaped, seeking to destroy the city in revenge. Can the Flash and Green Lantern stop Grodd, or will his mind-control techniques affect them?

Finally, an episode which features one of the best “odd couples” in the cartoon universe, the Flash and Green Lantern! And the episode’s a very good one so far, too! The most interesting part by far is the scene where Dr. Corwin, Grodd’s human ally, knocks out the Flash with a cannon and we see him in a nightmare sequence! We see how the Flash became what he is today, as well as a very interesting glimpse into the hunger he develops from rushing around a lot when he seems to get fat. Other parts of the sequence make me wonder if maybe on some level, the Flash is aware of his faults, such as having a rather big head.

As for the characters, they’re pretty well developed for a more light-hearted episode (within the limits of a series as dramatic as Justice League, that is). Dr. Corwin’s rather interesting. At first, one doesn’t pay too much attention to her insistence that the Flash not try to feed a gorilla that banana. But then we see her with the cannon, and we have to wonder about her involvement in whatever’s going on. Solovar’s revelations indicate that she’s a worse woman than we knew. However, considering Grodd’s mind-control abilities, is Corwin also a victim of his brainwashing technology? Or is she a willing partner? And if she knows what she’s doing, what is her motive? We’ll find out next week.

Solovar’s also interesting. It’s very possible he would’ve captured Grodd if he and the others chasing Grodd hadn’t seen the archaeologist. Later on, he is the one who reveals what Grodd’s up to, and provides Green Lantern with the device that stops Grodd’s mind-control. Too bad the Flash left before Solovar could help him. One last thing about Solovar is that he’s voiced by David Ogden Stiers, who’s done plenty of voice work (Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast, among other things).

Grodd seems to be motivated by a desire for power. So far, he’s not quite as interesting a villain as characters such as Mongul, Felix Faust, and Lord Hades. But I’m giving him time – he may prove very interesting in Part Two.

There are only two members of the Justice League here, so it won’t take me too long to deal with them. Green Lantern is his usual self – “by-the-book”, as is indicated by his desire to call the other members of the Justice League. Also, he’s unwilling to believe in the Flash’s story that Solovar can talk. Unlike episodes such as “The Enemy Below” and “War World”, Green Lantern’s personality doesn’t hinder him. In fact, it clearly helps him here, as Solovar is able to give him the headband that breaks Grodd’s mind-control. Another good thing is that he posts bail for the Flash, even if it’s because he knows that if the Flash was really a criminal, he would’ve gotten out of those cuffs long before he actually did.

But the episode focuses most on the Flash, and deservedly so. We see here just how big a problem the Flash’s basic immaturity is. First of all, if he had thought ahead, he wouldn’t have been hit by Corwin’s gun and put under Grodd’s mind-control. Second, if he had only waited for Solovar to give the headband, the Flash would’ve avoided falling under Grodd’s mind-control again. Part of the problem is that the Flash relies too much on his speed and too little on his brain. Also, he does seem to have a big head, as the nightmare sequence indicates, and his underestimation of the problems Grodd can pose confirms. The combination of flaws gets him into big trouble time and time again. The Flash has to have his big ego deflated a bit, and start relying more on his head and less on his speed. He’s still funny, though.

All in all, a neat episode, one which leaves me waiting to see Part Two!

* * * * * * *

Written by: Rich Fogel, Paul Dini
Teleplay by: Dwayne MacDuffe
Directed by: Dan Riba
Aired: March 11, 2002
Ranking: ****1/2 (out of 5 stars)

Written by: Rich Fogel, Paul Dini
Teleplay by: Dwayne MacDuffe
Directed by: Dan Riba
Aired: March 18, 2002
Ranking: ****1/2 (out of 5 stars)

At the end of Part One, Grodd sets off a generator that causes Central City to seemingly vanish off the face of the earth. J’onn J’onzz discovers this and, along with Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl, investigate. They, along with Green Lantern, Solovar, and the Flash (restored to normal), discover that there’s an energy field surrounding the city. Batman discovers a second energy signal similar to the one at Central City in Africa — Gorilla City. He, the Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, and Hawkgirl investigate but are captured by the gorillas. Meanwhile, Green Lantern, the Flash, and Solovar track down Grodd and discover he has the whole city under his mind control. Moreover, he sics the crowd on the heroes, then goes with Dr. Corwin to a military installation, where he activates missiles, intending to destroy Gorilla City! Now Green Lantern and
the Justice Leaguers in Gorilla City have to stop the missiles, while the Flash and Solovar have to stop Grodd.

Whoa, what an episode! It’s full of tension, excitement, and humor (courtesy of the Flash, of course). And more of the members of the Justice League appear (except for Superman). I think Fogel, Dini, and McDuffe decided to delay showing all six of the JL members until Part Two and just focus first on Green Lantern and the Flash, since they are such an “odd couple”. No doubt the purpose was to enhance the characterization of the Flash. I’d say they succeeded in that, as we see more of the Flash’s nature than we did in his other appearances.

Characterization of the other characters is also spot-on, unsurprisingly. Dr. Corwin’s very interesting. In my review of Part One, I wondered if she was under Grodd’s mind-control, or if she was a willing partner; and if she was a willing partner, what her motive was. I honestly thought that if she wasn’t under his mind control, she had been swayed to help him by greed. Well, I got my answers -and a bit of a surprise with them. Grodd never used his mind control on Dr. Corwin – but she helped him because she loved him! Kind of a Beauty-and-the-Beast theme there, only with a power-mad genius as the Beast. However, I wasn’t expecting love to be her motive, so I was surprised – and felt a bit sorry for her. This indicates the power of love to lead a person down the wrong path.

Solovar proved very helpful to the Flash and Green Lantern, putting his headband on the Flash so he’d be restored to normal, and urging the Flash not to take off his headband (something I was agreeing with). If there was anything he and the other gorillas learned from this experience, it’s that not all humans are bad. Certainly the Justice Leaguers aren’t bad – they were very helpful to the gorillas.

As for Grodd, I found the scene where he was revealed to have the inhabitants of Central City under his mind control very interesting, mainly due to the image of him as a political leader exhorting the masses. He is clearly a dangerous threat, thanks to his ability to control minds, and it was ironic that his own device betrayed him (with a little aid from the Flash). Perhaps the lesson here is that the devices you use for evil can turn against you in the end. However, he’ll still be a threat in the future, since the amnesia he suffered must’ve been temporary, if the final shot of him was any indication.

What about the Justice League members? I’ll start with the Martian Manhunter first. He was the one to first alert the others at the Watchtower that Central City was “gone”; later on, he proved very useful in the defense of Gorilla City by using his phasing abilities to grab the missile control system from the third missile. He also tried to comfort Batman when it appeared that Wonder Woman was dead. Incidentally, he’s the only member of the Justice League to appear in all six episodes so far, an indication that he’s probably the most indispensable member of the team.

Hawkgirl was herself – charging into the situation with mace in hand, and sometimes getting herself in trouble as a result, as we see when she tries to break through the force field surrounding Central City. Her impulsiveness also caused some problems when she attacked the fourth and final missile, but let part of it fall to the earth, meaning that Wonder Woman had to stop the main part of it from hitting Gorilla City.

Batman’s detective and scientific skills were also put to good use in this episode. He was the one who discovered the similarities between the force field in Central City and that in Gorilla City, leading the Justice League to Gorilla City. And he showed quite a bit of courage in trying to dig Wonder Woman out from underneath the missile. I also liked seeing his embarrassment when Wonder Woman caught sight of his dirty gloves and kissed him on the cheek. It was cute.

Now for Wonder Woman. She showed tremendous courage and strength when she volunteered the help of the Justice League in stopping the missiles, and when she stopped part of the fourth missile from destroying Gorilla City. Incidentally, the scene where the gorillas and the rest of the Justice League are afraid she’s dead reminded me of the scene in “Secret Origins” where J’onn J’onzz tells Wonder Woman that Batman’s dead (a lie, as it turns out). In both episodes, I figured that the seemingly-dead Justice League member would be okay, and in both episodes, I was proved right. And I loved seeing her reaction to the discovery that Batman had tried to dig her out.

Green Lantern was the voice of reason in much of the episode, especially when he urged the Flash not to “heckle the super-villain”. Sound advice, if you asked me. Too bad the Flash didn’t listen. Also, Green Lantern played as big a role as any of the members of the Justice League in Africa in stopping the missiles – he managed to destroy two of them. I also liked his final words to the Flash – “You’re not as dumb as you look.” However, I would’ve said, “You’re not as dumb as you act.”

And what about the Flash? Well, he’s funny, as usual. Although heckling Grodd was clearly a dumb move, his words were funny, including the reference to King Kong. However, in an interesting twist, he doesn’t always find a witty word to use — his “naked” taunt to Grodd definitely wasn’t witty. Also, while he still uses his brains far too rarely for my comfort, he was able to use his speed and his head effectively when he crossed those wires in Grodd’s mind-control device. Looks like he’s pretty intelligent after all – he just doesn’t use his brains often enough.

All in all, a very good episode. Another fine job for Bruce Timm and Company!

Belle Book


ISSUE: “Case Study” (#47)
WRITTEN BY: Scott Peterson
PENCILS: Tim Levins
INKS: Terry Beatty
ISSUED: February 27, 2002 (Cover date: Apr 02)
RATING: **1/2

This issue was a good read, as always. It’s nice to read a story about “real” people and see Batman do some real detective work. The one thing that bothered me with Two-Face Arkham cameo. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice to see my namesake make an appearance, but did Batman really need to go to him to get this type of information on attorneys? I would think that Batman knows courtroom rules and the law well enough so that he can figure this sort of thing out on his own? Maybe, like me, he just doesn’t watch enough courtroom dramas.

My only other quibble with this issue was the scene in the Batcave. I realize this series is geared towards younger readers, and as far as costumed superheroes go, the more the merrier – but Batgirl and Nightwing’s cameos were hardly necessary. Though this may seem trivial, I think such cameos can detract from the flow of the story. I think having only Batman and Robin hunt down the guilty parties would have sufficed.

Regardless, I found this an entertaining issue. I can’t wait for more from you guys. You keep the animated world alive – and that’s a good thing.

* * * * *

ISSUE: “Case Study” (#48)
WRITTEN BY: Scott Peterson
PENCILS: Tim Levins, Rick Burchett, Terry Beatty
INKS: Terry Beatty
ISSUED: March 27, 2002 (Cover date: May 02)
RATING: **1/2

In recent months, I’ve been reading in online forums that many fans of this series are losing faith in its ability to produce good stories. I’ve defended this series on many occasions, via fan-mail, reviews in my Batman newsletter, and online posts, but after reading , I figured it was time to say my piece.

I’ll start with the art. I appreciate the talents of Burchett, Levins, and Beatty, but having a mish-mash of art styles within a single issue is a bit jarring. (The HARLEY QUINN series staff does this, too, so you’re not alone.) I know many people think that Burchett is the best there is – and he’s great, that’s for sure – but I also appreciate Levins a great deal. (Tim Drake did look a little weird and potato-head-like in some panels in this issue, but that’s it.) Beatty’s colours are always superb. Bottom line, I have no real problem with the artwork, as long as it’s consistent within each issue.

As I’m a writer myself, it is the writing that I am always most concerned about. When Scott Peterson originally took over from Ty “the Guy” with , his first couple of stories were pretty…awful. Since then, he has gotten better, but only on rare occasions are the stories superb – everything else is average. BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES was a superb TV series, and in the earlier incarnations of this book, the stories matched. Nowadays, it seems to have been watered down into a “moral of the month” story with too many splash pages and far too simple stories.

had potential. Digging in Dick Grayson’s past is always a great start for a great story. Alfred’s narration was good. However, I was a little peeved to see that we didn’t see much of Dick’s early days, after all; it was page after page of Batman fighting circus freaks, looking for “an important item” for Dick. After all this, we find out that Dick’s cherished item was…a teddy bear??? That did not fit his character at all. I was hoping it would be something pertaining to his parents, but no, it was just a stuffed toy. At age 10, I doubt Dick had a thing for dolls.

I’m starting to fear that this series is going into a downward spiral hauntingly similar to the AZRAEL series. I don’t like the comparison much either, but it’s true. Peterson has been writing the title too long, and the stories are getting pretty lame, but nothing is being done about it – just as with Denny O’Neill at AZ. I’m thankful for Peterson in extending the life of the animated series this far beyond the cancellation of new episodes three years ago, but I believe the only thing that could save this book from cancellation (like BATMAN BEYOND and SUPERMAN ADVENTURES) would be a change in creative teams – most notably the writer. Keep Peterson on as the editor, just as he was before – back in the glory days of this title.

New blood is the only way to get this book back to being what it once was – almost as good, if not better, than the mainstream Bat-books.


This section gives a little bit more in-depth look into each monthly issue of BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES and BATMAN BEYOND. Below each comic listing is a link to the cover of that comic. TALK ABOUT SERVICE! The price for any of these issues, unless otherwise posted, is $1.99 in the US and…grrrrr…a whopping $3.25 (or higher) in Canada. (Both our editors and many subscribers are Canadian, hence the well-deserved “grrr”.)

If we are unsure of the exact date of when an issue is being released, just
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A baffling series of jewelry-store heists puts the Dark Knight on the trail of an unlikely suspect…and a brand-new villain. There’s a mystery behind the mystery in “Façade.”

As Catwoman faces off with Batman during a foiled break-in, the Cat-burglar takes a bomb. The mystery of who planted it – and what Catwoman was really up to – is one the Dark Knight has to solve with his heart instead of his head, in an
action-packed 50th issue!
Awesome Cover:

If you have ever wanted to own the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes, now’s your chance! Chronos, the Time Thief, has captured the members of the Justice League and is auctioning them off to the highest villainous bidder! Can the Justice League find a way out before they’re going, going, gone?

Meet the Fastest Fax Alive as the League’s speediest member tries to save time by traveling through the telephone lines – and accidentally dials a fax machine by mistake! But being flat as a pancake isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and when the fun of slipping under doorways wears off, the Flash thinks his career is over…until the Earth is invaded by amazingly thin creatures from the Second Dimension!

Due to demand by some of our subscribers, we’ve decided to give a “Letters to the Editor” section a shot. Feel free to submit something you’d like to say to us, and each issue we’ll choose one to post and then reply to. (NOTE: It can be completely uncensored, positive OR negative, though any coarse language will be bleeped out. We want this to be a no-holds-barred column!)

* * * * * *

Dear Batman: The Animated Newsletter,

I would realy like it if they brought back Karl Rossum or Anthony Romulus within the Batman: Gotham Adventures comic series. Were these characters ever mentioned again after the animated series? I would just like to see them again. Bringing them back would make for a good comic book issue(s). Karl Rossum had at least three TV appearances. Maxie Zeus had only one tv appearance and they gave him his own BGA comic issue. I think it’s time we heard from Karl Rossum. He has to be doing something! Anthony Romulus was too cool of a one-time villain that he can’t be ignored any more. I want to know what happened to the werewolf and where has he been lately. Now that I think about it, has the Clock King ever made a comic appearance? Would it be too much to ask for an appearance from him? Please bring them back! If all three are not possible can you bring back at least one? Can you help me out here Tim? I have already asked BGA once and they ignored me. I have seen at least three of your letters published within their comic. They listen to you. Please help me in any way possible!

-A concerned Batman fan.

* * * * * *


First off, thanks for writing in! It’s been a while since I’ve actually had something to respond to in this column. 🙂

Now, down to business. Even though my fan-mail has been published in GOTHAM ADVENTURES (and many other titles) many times over the years, I sincerely doubt that I’d be able to sway their opinions that easily. Maybe if I were working for DC, though…hint, hint…

The problem with your request is that the three characters you’ve mentioned aren’t terribly popular. Though you may like Anthony Romulus (aka, the Werewolf) to some degree, most fans didn’t really appreciate that episode; the writers probably won’t revisit that character again for a long time. (Come to think of it, though, I think he appeared with Man-Bat and Catwoman in a BATMAN ADVENTURES comic years ago…, or 21, or somewhere around there, I think.)

A lot of the time, the writers write what they think the fans would want, and unfortunately, I don’t think a story about the Werewolf is high on their list of priorities.

Another thing you need to consider is that I doubt the writers would force themselves to write a story just so they can say they wrote about a certain character. Though the Clock King and Karl Rossum aren’t exactly fan-favourites either, they are definitely worth revisiting. Scott Peterson may very well have a story in the pipeline or in the back of his head featuring these characters, but likely won’t write it until he’s inspired with a decent plotline. (The last thing we need is a gimmicky plotline all about robots or Swiss clockmakers or something.) Heck, I was asking the guys at GOTHAM ADVENTURES for years to write some issues featuring Two-Face and Mr. Freeze; twenty issues or so later, they came along. We just had to wait for the writers to get inspired.

What surprises me is that there were rampant rumours that the Clock King would appear on BATMAN BEYOND in a time-travel tale or something. Karl Rossum (or his offspring) would have fit in nicely, too, even as a passing mention; with all the robots and futuristic technology in BATMAN BEYOND, it could have been done very easily.

That’s about all I can say. The guys working on the animated series have always tried to please their fans, so I would suggest you still e-mail them at and speak your mind. Perhaps, instead of just mentioning a character, mention a possible plotline. Just because they don’t print your fan-mail on the back page, it doesn’t mean they don’t read it.

Good luck! Thanks for writing!


(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

This is one of my favourite sections, where I get to boggle the minds of all our readers! (Mwuhahaha!) This trivia is all animated-related in some form, and can deal with ANY aspect of the show or comics based on the show. Remember, answer the questions WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE ANIMATED CONTINUITY. Now have fun – let’s see how well you do! Answers are provided below.

(Part One)

As you can see, I’ve listed Batman and a group of his allies below. I’ve also listed a number of name-meanings. Match each person’s civilian name (ie, Bruce, not Batman) with each meaning. You just might learn something new about these characters – and why writers gave them these names to begin with!


A: Counselor
B: Army Warrior
C: Honouring God
D: Scholar
E: God is Gracious
F: Woodlands
G: Foreign, Strange
H: Reborn
I: Powerful, Rich Ruler
J: Small Meadow
K: One who supplants
L: Healer


Answer to #716: F
Answer to #717: I
Answer to #718: G
Answer to #719: C
Answer to #720: A
Answer to #721: K
Answer to #722: B
Answer to #723: H
Answer to #724: E
Answer to #725: L
Answer to #726: J
Answer to #727: D
(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

Here is a section that just points out various little facts and bloopers that we have noticed while watching BTAS, STAS and BEYOND countless times. If you have anything to contribute, feel free to do so! Enjoy!


(by “Dark Lantern”)
1) In part one of THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, the truck chase scene should never have happened. Consider this: Grodd “needs the isotopes to power his devices,” but the isotopes were stolen from the research facility that was also Grodd’s base of operations, and where his devices were. Considering Grodd’s use of subterfuge at the facility, wouldn’t it have been easier for Grodd to mentally command Chin and Stevens to wheel the canisters down the hall to where his devices were rather than have them be loaded on a truck, be driven madly across Central City, attract the Flash’s attention, almost become lost underwater and be detained in a police impound? And it’s safe to assume that Grodd had control of the facility staff (with the exception of Dr. Corwin, of course), so what was the point of reporting the items stolen – besides making Green Lantern aware of his schemes?
(by Marc Rosenzweig)

Hello Fellow Gothamites,

Just back from the International NYC Toy Fair 2002!

As far as Batman goes, unfortunately, there was not much to see. However there are some interesting items to be discussed.

Hasbro has still got some time left to pull a rabbit out of their hat to secure the license for Batman before the deadline date of December 2002. Until then, Hasbro will go on to release their scheduled production of the new Mission Masters 4. This series, which was originally made up of the entire range of Batman series (Batman Beyond, the comic book version, the Animated version), is currently comprised of previous released (always popular) animated figures all re-deco’d. Hasbro took a new turn at the color wheel and went with a GLOW IN THE DARK painted scheme. The MM4, wave one standard figures assortment with its glow in the dark costumes and fluorescent accessories consists of:

-Midnight Hunter Batman
-Night Fury Robin
-Night Shadow Batman
-Lunar Attack Batman.

The “must have” pieces in this line up will definitely be the villains (as with most Batman lines). The Joker and Mr. Freeze will be the two hot tickets to have, soon to be released at a local toy store near you.

Check out the photograph links which was taken at the Hasbro showroom.

As any true Batman toy collector knows, you can not have an assortment of just “regular” figures. Hasbro has made some good money on producing extensions to their DC lines with what is known as DELUXE FIGURES. This set has some great Deluxe figure/vehicle schemes that makes this line very awesome to look at as they pose on yours or your kid’s desk, as well as being extremely fun to play with. In the Deluxe figs/vehicle Blister set, you will see the ever-elusive Nightwing on his hyper-jet ski. In keeping the continuity of this series release, these Deluxe figures are deco’d with the same glow in the dark trim.

Hasbro has also continued to release two Wal-Mart EXCLUSIVE FIGURES. As they have just put out a small carded animated Batman and animated Superman figure without any accessories. The Shorter, smaller card is a nice quick way of getting it to market and it looks nice too.

This Batman figure also has a friend with a big Red “S” on his chest, released on his own small card. You need to hurry though, as I was just able to grab a Batman figure only.

As the news of Hasbro giving up the Superman license, the Superman pieces are going quickly. So if any fellow fans out there have a spare Wal-Mart exclusive Short card they are will to get let go of, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

(feel free to submit something for our consideration)

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*Tape “Title” (by Columbia House): episodes contained COPS AND ROBBERS: P.O.V., Vendetta, Riddler’s Reform, A Bullet for BullockFRIENDS AND FOES: Beware the Grey Ghost, The Mechanic, The Man who Killed Batman, Sideshow

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