In a new trailer from publisher 2K games Borderlands Pre Sequel saw its release date announced. The game will release for the PS3, XBox 360 and PC on October 14 in North America and October 17 for Europe and the UK.

Borderlands The Pre Sequel is set before the events of Borderlands 2 and sees the rise of eventual Borderlands 2 enemy Handsome Jack, before he was an enemy. The game will be based in space and features all manner of craziness as is usual in the Borderlands series, including jetpacks. Gamers will also be able to play as fan favourite ClapTrap in The Pre Sequel alongside other new characters complete with new classes.

There’s also this crazy new trailer:

As you can see, developer Gearbox builds upon the craziness that has made the Borderlands series so popular collaborating with Harmonix, the studio behind Dance Central, to show the “Moon Dance”. As previously confirmed Borderlands The Pre Sequel will not release on next generation consoles, but as it’s not a fully featured sequel we will more than likely see Borderlands 3 on next gen consoles before long.

There’s also the forthcoming Tales From The Borderlands episodic games to be released, developed by Telltale Games – the geniuses behind The Walking Dead games, set in the Borderlands universe but at present there is no release window for those games either.

We’ll have more news on Borderlands as it comes in, but for now let’s all put the trailer on loop and learn the Moon Dance!

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