High Octane Pictures has announced the UK-produced horror film Blood Myth will be arriving on US shores this November, in the typical video-playing formats.

The plot of Blood Myth reminds us a lot of Midsommar, but given that the movie isn’t really that old, it has to be a coincidence. The video market can’t possibly have ripped it off THAT fast….right? Maybe I’m underestimating how quickly they can really move. High Octane, of course, is only happy to hype up the parallels, hoping fans of one will check out the other.

There’s a legend about a certain remote village…they say every 30 years, someone disappears without a trace. Why would anyone live there then? Because they belong to a cult and making folks disappear is just what the cult does. A young journalist decides to investigate the rumors….but he makes the stupid decision of bringing along his fiance, thinking the quiet cabin they’re staying at will be “romantic.” Ha! Of course SHE’S the one to disappear!

Now the man will have to dive deep into the creepy cult to get her back…but can he?

Blood Myth stars Jonathan McClean, Anna Dawson, and Hannah Chalmers, and was written and directed by Sean Brown and Luke Gosling. It’ll be hitting DVD and VOD November 5, thanks to High Octane.

 Sean Brown and Luke Gosling’s Brit bloodfest Blood Myth spooks digital and disc this November.

From High Octane Pictures a frightening rural spookfest in the vein of Midsommar. A journalist desperately tries to find his missing fiancée and finally uncover the truth behind a sinister folklore, leading him down a dangerous road of discovery.

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