Now we feel like we’ve seen everything. No, we haven’t seen a man eat his own head yet, but we FEEL like we’ve seen everything.

You can’t exactly blame a national punchline like Pauly Shore, who rose to prominence in the 90s through dopey comedies like Son-In-Law and Bio-Dome, for wanting to be taken seriously just once. But who expected to see him playing the serious role of a deranged psychopath, illuminated by the purple and green glow of downtown Las Vegas?

Why this kind of role, Pauly? Well, it’s been a secret passion of his for some time. “I’ve always wanted to play a psychopath, what actor doesn’t?” Pauly says. “I’ve been known for comedy my entire life, so it was really fun to dig in and do something unexpected. I came up with this premise a while ago; I’ve always loved Dexter, American Psycho, and Silence of the Lambs.”

In Sin City Psycho, driven to madness, Donavan (Shore) preys on Sin City’s unfaithful flock by tangling them into a web of torture where broken vows could mean broken bones. Along with his sister Ione, this deranged vigilante justifies the horrors in his wake with the illusions in his head and shows those willing to cheat on their loving spouses that everything that happens in Vegas, slays in Vegas. However, after he lures Tiffany (Gardner) into his deadly web, Donavan finds the next sin to face judgement may just be his very own.

The short in its entirety — all eleven minutes — can be viewed on Pauly’s Youtube channel today….if you can handle it.

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