Mixed Realms Ltd. is about to take you on a Gordian Quest. This upcoming strategic roguelike deck builder sees you assembling a team of heroes and sending them off on dangerous missions, equipping them with attributes and abilities via card decks. As is common with roguelikes, every map you explore uses a random layout.

When you head into battle, the screen will divide into two sides, player and enemy. You’ll have the freedom of movement to position your characters to dodge incoming enemy attacks, as well as line them up to deliver the perfect blow when it’s their turn.

The early access version of Gordian Quest will be launching on March 27 and will include these features on Day 1:

  • Form your party – choose from six different heroes each with their own unique class, skills, and playstyle.
  • Train and equip your heroes – upgrade and train your heroes and choose which weaponry and enchantments to give them in order to face the battles ahead.
  • Collect legendary items – gather relics throughout your journey which may turn the tide of battle in your favor or stack the odds against you.
  • Shape the course of your adventure – embark on side quests and events, and shape the outcome with your decisions.
  • Enjoy endless replayability – procedurally generated maps and dungeons make each playthrough and encounter different from the last.
  • Choose your difficulty – take on hardcore mode for a teeth-gritting permadeath experience or play more casually where death is only a setback.
  • Customize your play – activate shrines that permanently change random areas of the map, multiplying the danger but also the rewards – adding another layer of strategic planning and risk assessment as you traverse the world.

Planned features to be added to Gordian Quest in future months include more hero characters, a PvP mode, a relationship system (the bonds your heroes forge will unlock special skills), and an “endless mode” that allows you to play beyond the game’s ending.

Gordian Quest begins this March on Steam! Be there….

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