With all the vicious infighting that happens within the Star Wars fandom, it’s a miracle we found something we can all agree is awesome: Baby Yoda. Rise of Skywalker is virtually guaranteed to generate months and months of “I hated this” flame wars and disavowments of the current canon, but Baby Yoda can silence all haters with one wave of his chubby little hand.

It’s even more astounding when you consider how “cute” Star Wars characters have been received prior to this. Ewoks are still controversial, but Baby Yoda? Everyone loves Baby Yoda. Why? Shrug. We just do. Like Apple Jacks.

And yes, we know it’s not literally Yoda as a baby, and the technical name for the character in the script is “The Child.” But what else are you going to call this thing? Nothing else comes to mind. Thanks to his popularity and universal appeal, demand for Baby Yoda stuff is through the roof this holiday season. But strangely, the first officially licensed product to appear was not a doll, T-shirt or electric toothbrush…it was a virtual statue in The Sims 4.

Image from Polygon

The product appeared as a furnishing item this week. Give the game 504 simoleons (Sims currency) and you can add it to any shelf of any dwelling where your Sims live. Unfortunately you can’t actually have Baby Yoda as a sim walking around the place. But you can deck your walls with him.

Shortly after “The Child Statue” was revealed, actual Baby Yoda plushies and other material were put on sale. They’re the hottest thing this holiday season, and if you’re reading this, it’s too late to get any of them. Somewhere, Arnold Schwarzenegger is fighting Sinbad over the last one.