Survived By, a merciless roguelite from developer Human Head Studios and Canadian publisher Digital Extremes, has entered Steam Early Access and is playable today.

Why is it called “Survived By”? Because they’re expecting you to die…..a lot. Each time you perish, you’ll be reborn as a descendant of the previous character….as in, GrimdarkX is survived by GrimdarkX 2, and so forth.

To be fair, you’ll have a little bit more of a chance than in similar titles….your health regenerates over time, and you start with a fair amount of HP. But this isn’t just a roguelite….it’s a BULLET HELL roguelite. Your survival depends more on your own reflexes than scavenging ability.

  • Approachable yet Challenging: As a new player, jumping into the battle in the Heartland is easy and rewarding. Log-in for rewards, escape into a variety of dungeons, and play around with the expanded customization options like character dyes, skins, and attachments. Survived By offers great challenges and rewards for those with hours to invest and explore, while still being fun for those who only have time for quick play sessions.
  • Permadeath is Just the Beginning: Unlike other bullet hell rougelites, players regenerate health, survive longer, and don’t need to dodge everything to stay alive. But every time a player dies, they lose almost everything. With the game’s unique Ancestral Legacy system, they’re survived by a new descendant who carries a small part of their legacy (game DNA) with them the next time they play.
  • Building With the Community: Since Closed Beta, Survived By has updated frequently with new content and exciting features such as storyline quests, dungeons and rotating events, built with its community’s voice and desires in mind. With Steam Early Access, we’ll continue to grow the Heartland alongside our players.
  • Craft Weapons to Slay the Hordes: Players craft and wield powerful projectile weapons as they confront an array of Beasts on their journey. Arming themselves with magic, steel and special abilities, players craft increasing deadly weapons that provide tactical options tailored to their character class. Examples of weapon upgrades range from a single bullet that can pass through multiple enemies to a short-range blast of multiple waving projectiles, to name just a couple. There is so much more!
  • Gorgeous Pixel-Art World: Team up with friends and others to explore a huge beautifully rendered pixel-art world. Journey through imaginative, expansive landscapes that tweak familiar Western fantasy concepts with seemingly impossible situations, adorable looking miniature characters, and witty dialog, all set in a colossal living tree.
  • Fair Free-To-Play Model: Survived By is designed as a fair free-to-play experience that’s fun for everyone, not just those who pay. No part of progression is locked away behind a paywall. Players are encouraged to trade items such as attachments, dyes, skins, and more with other players using Bloodstones and Electrum.

Those who play Survived By will be rewarded for their early support. A free Starter Pack will be given to all players, and the players who give the game money will receive the Next of Kin Supporter Pack when Survived By launches as a complete product.

Survived By is free to play now on Steam Early Access.