AtGames has built a bad reputation for itself as a company quick to capitalize on nostalgia with very cheaply-made retro consoles, using poor emulation and stuffed with bad games that never even appeared on the original devices. Now they’re entering the growing home arcade market………fear for your children.

The company announced today that Legends Ultimate, an arcade machine of their own creation, will be available for preorder this summer. Features will include “a modern user interface, intuitive and customizable menu themes, network play, Internet connectivity, leaderboards, and cloud gaming streaming.”

The majority of games available on Legends Ultimate will no doubt be the same cheap bad ones that AtGames stuffs onto its plug-and-play devices, for the company boasts “hundreds” of games will be included in the unit and that “among them” will be arcade favorites. Asteroids, BurgerTime, Centipede, Fighter’s History, Pong, and Tetris are mentioned in the press release and their logos can be spotted on the cabinet. They’re good picks, but they may be as good as it gets.

One really bizarre thing we noticed is the appearance of Wreck-It Ralph on the side of the machine, which makes it appear more bootleg than it already feels. Turns out one of the “arcade classics” is, in fact, Fix-It Felix Jr, which Disney made a legitimate version of when the 2012 feature was released. It’s a nice bonus, but AtGames DOES know Fix-It Felix didn’t exist in the early 80s, right? ….Right?

If there’s anything nice we can say about Legends Ultimate, it’s the fact that it comes with a LOT of buttons: six on both sides, two-player joysticks, two trackballs and two spinners. In theory it should be well-equipped to handle any style of game you throw at it, but this is assuming the controls are manufactured with quality, and this is AtGames we’re talking about.

Preorders for Legends Ultimate begin in July, but don’t open your wallets until the reviews come in. AtGames says more details will be shared at E3.

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