walking dead

AMC Sets End Date For The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is credited with launching a zombie craze in popular culture throughout the 2010s, and was the most popular show on cable...
nycc 2020

NYCC 2020 Releases List Of Virtual Panels

There will be plenty of events, announcements and trailers coming your way when New York City Comic-Con returns for another year this October....though, as...

Couch Command #2 – DUNE (1984)

  "A beginning is a very delicate time. Know then, it is the year Ten Thousand One Ninety One. The Universe is ruled by the...
the mandalorian

First Screenshots From The Mandalorian Season 2

We should feel fortunate we're getting Season 2 of The Mandalorian on schedule...filming wrapped just four days before Hollywood was put into lockdown due...

Sony Developing Live-Action Series About Spider-Man’s Pal Silk

Sony is busily mining every square inch of Spider-Man lore for adaptable content. When they're not trying to make something out of the obscure...
chucky tv show

Production Of Chucky TV Show Now Delayed

Can a doll catch COVID-19? It remains to be proven, but if Batman can catch the coronavirus, why take chances? USA and SyFy announced...

Netflix Launches “Free To Watch” Page Requiring No Subscription

Something interesting happened today: Netflix suddenly offered a bunch of content for free. Is there a catch? Not technically, but upon examination, you can...

The Flashback Interview: Greta Blackburn

In 1997, to mark my 15th birthday, I rented three Eddie Murphy movies from the video store. One of those movies was 48 HRS,...

Powerpuff girls live action series in development by CW

Sugar, Spice, and everything nice! These are the ingredients of making the perfect little girls! Then an accident happens as Professor Utonium accidentally added...
altered carbon

Netflix’s Altered Carbon Cancelled After Two Seasons

Unless your show starts with the word "Stranger" and ends with "Things," you're never truly safe at Netflix. The axe-wielding streamer has just announced...

The Flashback Interview: Sandy Helberg

My first exposure to my newest interview subject, Sandy Helberg, came through the movie Spaceballs, where he memorably played the character of Dr. Schlotkin,...

The Flashback Interview: Joanna Cassidy

I go back a long way with my next interview subject's work. I first saw Joanna Cassidy in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which I...