Want to see Armed with Controllers’ Retro Mania host and FIFA enthusiast step out of his comfort zone, don some fatigues and venture into DICE’s gritty first-person shooter? Because we sure do.

For this week’s Friday feature, KB has a go at Battlefield 3‘s campaign mode, embarking on a mission to find (and safely return) a US troop investigating a possible IED in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan. What his AI-controlled squad members don’t know, however, is that his situational awareness, firearm proficiency and knack for opening doors are severely lacking. As such, the ten minutes of gameplay footage you’re about to watch contain multiple instances of cringe-worthy hip fire, blue on blue and “I saw that coming” deaths. This man just isn’t cut out for the military…

Oh, and I make a brief, indirect appearance too. See if you can spot it!

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