Cross Fatal Frame with Pokemon Snap, and what would you get? Something awesome, supposedly? We hope so — the new survival horror game Apparition has just arrived in Early Access form, and it promises to add frights to the hobby of photography.

You’ve ventured into the forest of Green Creek in the middle of the night. They say the campgrounds deep within are haunted. You’ve come to gather evidence of this, but you’ve gotta be careful, because some spirits don’t appreciate being photographed. Make a ghost angry, and you’ll be racing for your life. If only this were Pokemon Snap, so you could throw apples in their faces.

APPARITION is a first-person survival horror that will send chills down your spine. Take a trip to the forest of Green Creek and survive the night in its haunted campsite. Discover the restless souls that lurk in the dark. Use a spirit board to communicate with those beyond the vale. Be mindful of your questions, as provoking the dead is something you’d better stay away from. An investigator’s equipment: a candle, camera, and voice recorder, will be crucial in proving the existence of the supernatural – if you dare to use it. If things go wrong you can run and try to hide – but it might be harder than you think.

Apparition is on Steam for $9.99 — and, at the moment, it’s part of the Horror Bundle which discounts four scary games in one low price (around $15).

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