A whole new season of Apex Legends is about to hit in a few hours. The majority of the hype is centered around Revenant, the newest Legend. How fearsome is he? Well, Respawn pulled a little stunt where a completely different Legend, Forge, was introduced — and then killed from behind by Revenant during his one and only video interview.

Here’s the REAL introductory video, revealing Revenant’s robotic abilities. Does he have a connection to the Hammond Robotics harvester that has plunged itself into Capital City? Due to the company’s actions there are major changes coming to the map, the most drastic in Apex history.

  • Map Update – World’s Edge has been shaken up with a giant Hammond Robotics harvester that has fractured Capital City, creating fissures leaking lava throughout the entire arena. A breakdown of all the changes coming to World’s Edge can be found here
  • New Weapon – Find and equip the Sentinel bolt-action sniper rifle which features a special charge mechanic, giving players the freedom to really customize their shots — from slow to quick to charged shots. 
  • Battle Pass – Players can get their hands on over 100 exclusive items, including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, Loading Screens, Music Packs and more.
  • Ranked Series 3 – Hone skills and earn recognition with Ranked Series 3 with a three month series divided into two splits — each with a soft reset. For players climbing up the competitive ladder, Ranked Series 3 introduces Master Tier, a new tier in between Diamond and Apex Predator. More details on Ranked League Series 3 can be found here.

Season 4 launches tomorrow, along with the new Battle Pass. Apex Legends is playable on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.

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