Currently, EA’s hit battle royale game Apex Legends is only available on three platforms: Playstation 4, XBox One and sort of PC. By “sort of” we mean you have to use EA’s proprietary Origin launcher to play it. Things are about to open up, though, in a big way.

EA and developer Respawn confirmed a Switch version of Apex Legends is in the works. The announcement was made during the EA Play Live broadcast, where several other projects were revealed including a new Skate game and It Takes Two, a co-op from the creator of A Way Out.

How will the Switch version handle? Will the graphics take a hit? We have no idea, as Reapawn showed no video or screenshots, but they did reveal one interesting feature: crossplay with all other versions. For that to work, the Switch version has to run smooth enough to not leave handheld players at a disadvantage. They wouldn’t let that happen, would they? It’s this hope that keeps us optimistic.

Oh yeah….and the tyranny of Origin is coming to an end, at least for this game. Apex Legends will be available through Steam at around the same time it becomes available for Switch, and it will also boast crossplay with all other versions. Everyone united in harmony, shooting at each other…it’s beautiful.

Both the Switch and Steam versions of Apex Legends will have a fall release.