Wild Eye Releasing has just made their latest frightfest, An Evil Tale, available to homebound viewers via On Demand services.

There’s a new arrival at the antique shop: an old chest dug up from the ground. A local family visits the shop and decides to purchase the chest without checking to see what’s inside. This is worse than just a waste of money. They find two ancient, weathered-looking dolls in there, and you can be certain these dolls are going to make their next week miserable.

A paranormal investigator may know the secret to drive these porcelain nightmares back where they came from, but it won’t be an easy task. Their house is now Possession Central!

An Evil Tale stars Kelly Riese, Kurt Mullins, Dina Najjar, Duncan Jay, and Karen Scheafer. It was written and directed by Sam Siragusa, and it’s available today to watch on digital platforms courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing.

Now available On Demand, writer-director Sam Siragusa’s An Evil Tale pits an unsuspecting family against an ancient evil that has surrounded their home.
A family discovers they are the victim of a centuries old curse when a rare relic is discovered near their home. They must join forces with a paranormal investigator to battle this evil force that has possessed everything around them.

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