Altered Carbon is Netflix’s newest sci-fi hit. It’s set in a future cyberpunk dystopia where money literally means life. Technology has advanced to the point where human brains can be stored as data and transferred into a new host, thereby extending the participating party’s life indefinitely. Since it’s an expensive procedure, it essentially means the rich are now immortal (as it inequality wasn’t bad enough).

Now Renegade Studios has announced they’ll soon be producing a tabletop game based on the Altered Carbon series. Being able to step into the role of anyone is how any RPG works, but now you can roleplay in a whole new sense. Play your cards and collect your credits craftily, and death will by no means be the end.

• Rules to Play Archetypes ranging from Socialites to Soldiers
• Explore the expansive metropolis Bay City in both its Underground, and Atrium world.
• Storytelling focused rules, that help create immense danger inside of combat and intrigue outside combat.
• The means in which to transfer your characters digital consciousness into a new sleeve should they come to a tragic end.

The Altered Carbon Roleplaying Game is available now for preorder, and at $50 you don’t have to be a Bay City socialite to afford the trip. The game will be released this September.